Lyours, in the stands. His companions begging him to lift the trophy too. The ball as a souvenir. Pau Gasol has done it again. Pau Gasol conquered his third Endesa League, which is added to a King’s Cup, two NBA rings, one gold in the World Cup, three golds, two silvers and two bronzes in the Eurobasket and two more Olympic silver, as well as another bronze in the games. Almost nothing.

This is how they convinced Pau Gasol to lift the trophy

Not only did the Palau surrender to him, it was not even just a matter of the basketball world. His figure transcends basketball, his figure transcends sport, from Estopa to Jordi Évole, from Barcelona to Los Angeles. His fairy tale found a happy ending again. And their numbers have very little anecdote. More than a cherry on top, Pau gave a Playoff for the history of the competition.

Record per minute rating in Playoff history

With a PIR of 146 in 128 minutes and 33 seconds, the Blaugrana star averaged 1.14 PIR credits for every minute he played. No one in the history of the Endesa League Playoff has taken advantage of their minutes on the court in this way, surpassing marks that seemed impossible to reach, such as those of Arvydas Sabonis (0.97), Walter Berry (0.93) or that of his own brother Marc (0.93).

A projection of madness

If we transfer their figures to 40 minutes, the “forty-year-old” would sign, nothing more and nothing less than 28.9 points and 14.6 rebounds per game, with an average valuation of 45.4, breaking all kinds of historical limits by the road. And it is that Pau has only played 16 minutes per game, a symbolic figure, in which he had time to average 11.6 points, 5.9 rebounds, 1 assist, 0.8 blocks, 2.8 fouls received and 18.3 rating during the Playoff.

Tremendous mate from Tavares that posterizes Pau Gasol and Mirotic

20 years later

That 2001 Pau is one of the wildest that has ever been seen in competition. However, twenty years later, it is surprising how his level does not detract or out of tune in comparison. That Gasol shot slightly better than three (40.9% to the current 37.5%), although that of 2020-21 significantly improves the percentages in free throws (91.3%, compared to 75% at the time) and shots of two (77.1%, well above 57.7% in 2001). In that 40-minute projection, the Pau who is going to turn 41 springs scores more (28.9 to 22.8), rebounds better (14.6 to 11.3), distributes more assists (2.5 to 1.9 ) and values ??noticeably higher (45.4 to 33.7) than the budding world star of 2001.

The most valued of the champion

Lo de Pau is not a symbolic title, or anything like it. Despite initial doubts due to his age, his physical condition and the length of his inactivity, the Sant Boi man turned the tables and ended up leading the Endesa League champion in the Playoff in valuation (18.3) , improving the 16.8 of Mirotic, the 12.4 of Davies, the 12.3 of Calathes or the 10.9 of Higgins. And the fact is that, in the qualifying rounds for the title, the pivot was the top rebounder of Barcelona, ??as well as the 2nd top scorer and blocker.

Track impact

Pau Gasol was ranked 3rd in the Over / Under section during the Playoff (+8.9), only behind Kuric’s +10.4 and Calathes’s +9.8. Pau went from debuting with a -18 in his first match, against Real Madrid, to accumulating 8 games with a positive balance, causing an impact on his team. In 191 minutes and 27 seconds without him on the track, +32 for his team; in just 128 minutes and 33 seconds with Pau on the floor, +71. Pure impact.

Bordering on perfection in the shot

Beyond Salvo, who scored the four shots he threw in the first round, no one in the Playoff has been able to beat Pau Gasol’s accuracy, with a fabulous 77.1% accuracy in the shot of two during the qualifying rounds for the title. Since the decisive match against Penya in the quarterfinals, including the semi-finals and the Final Playoff, the Catalan has tried 28 shots of two … and has scored 23! 82.1% effectiveness when the ball burns the most!

The magic of 16

The path of steps, from his debut to being able to lift the Endesa League title together with Oriola, has been exactly 16, as in the number of his dorsal. A figure that should haunt him, as he has also averaged 16 minutes per game and it was his most repeated valuation figure (4 times).

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