With the “debutante” Irati Etxarri forming part of a starting quintet full of youth, the Spanish National Team had to use itself thoroughly from the first bars against a Romania that focused its first efforts in defense on the direction of Maite Cazorla. A job that gave the first advantage of the match to the visiting team (6-9) thus awakening the most fighting version of a Spanish National Team that began to grow through the first offensive impulses of Alba Torrens. All a leader on and off the court that did not take long to infect players like María Conde before Miguel Méndez introduced the first rotations on the court with Spain already ahead (14-10). They began to like the team on the track with a good understanding between the lines, which began to complicate things for a Romania that kept on the wheel thanks to the lack of success of Spain in some specific actions (24-19).

He had made a good impression in the first period and for this reason, Spain returned to the track willing to maintain its work ethic. On this occasion, through the connection between Queralt Casas and a Leonor Rodríguez who scored her first points with a triple from the corner. It didn’t take long for Spain to see themselves with a dozen points ahead to transfer the pressure to their rival and, with it, begin to play with greater comfort. A decrease in pressure that allowed the exterior success to be unblocked with three new triples by María Conde, Leo Rodríguez and Queralt Casas with which to open a gap on the scoreboard (40-21). Thus, the final stretch of the first half allowed the bench to be moved in search of a new step forward on both sides of the court (46-27).

Little changed after the break as Romania tried to close in defense under their hoop, awakening once again the scoring instinct of the Spanish National Team. Especially from a Maite Cazorla who scored in duplicate, thus taking advantage of the anticipation work of her teammates’ passing lanes. Spain was flying in a fast lap and Romania had no choice but to stop the match once again (56-30). Although, this time, it was of little use to their interests. Because by then, those of Miguel Méndez were really comfortable in a match that seemed to be more than resolved in the absence of the last 10 minutes (70-34).

From that moment on, the main task of the coaching staff consisted of being able to make the most of every minute to carry out as many tests as possible for future commitments. A task that the players understood perfectly as it could be seen with the triple with which Leticia Romero led Spain to cross the barrier of 100 points scored for the first time since 2015. The best possible way to close an exciting match ( 107-52).