He was unable to make his debut until well into January due to the delay in some bureaucratic procedures with which his status as a community player had to be ratified. A wait that seemed to motivate in a special way a Juani Marcos who signed the best season of his young career to lead an ICG Força Lleida from the direction with which he opted for promotion in the Final Four in Girona. A great taste in the mouth of a player owned by FC Barcelona (on loan) and who aims to be an international star over the next few seasons.

He arrived at the Espai Fruita Barris Nord with the start of the pre-season, but was unable to play his first minutes until January due to bureaucratic problems. A period of time in which Juani Marcos matured his desire to play with the Lleida squad, emptying himself in each training session, as he explained in his first interview after his debut (read report). Quite a poetic justice that he settled with 10 points in that first assault, but above all, with the best sensations on the court where the drums of war began to sound.

And just a handful of games later, the sensations had already become a palpable reality with a wide repertoire of play in which his ability to penetrate, his vision of the game to put the ball in impossible places or even his ease in putting together the arm successfully from beyond the 6.75 line. The perfect complement for the veteran of Thomas Schreiner and a whole life insurance for the schemes of a Gerard Find that made him one of the most important men on the track.

All this in order to finish the league in third position and be key in qualifying for a Final Four in which he fought with his team for promotion. Juani thus ratified the great talent that an Argentine player possesses that, for sure, we will hear a lot about in the coming seasons.

Titles and awards:

– Third classified Regular League
– Final Four semifinalist for promotion
– MVP of Days 2 and 5 of the Playoffs Quarters

Season statistics – Juani Marcos:

Games played: 25
Minutes: 26.28pp
Points: 10.8pp
Bounces: 2.5pp
Assists: 2.3 pp
Recoveries: 1.3 pp
Plugs: 0.1 pp
Fouls received: 3.1 pp
Rating: 10.1pp

Sports career – Juani Marcos:

Info Categories: Penarol Athletic Club
2015/19: Penarol Athletic Club (LNB – Argentina)
2019/21: Barca B (LEB Silver)
2021/22: ICG Força Lleida (LEB Gold)

Honorable Mention: Pol Figueras (Palmer Mediterranean Soul)

Sportingly raised in the FC Barcelona youth academy, point guard Pol Figueras has shown this season that he is more than prepared to face any challenge of responsibility. Because throughout the course, the Catalan has been the brain of a Mediterranean Soul Palmer that he allowed to grow with his hand as the days went by. A player who has shown great maturity both when directing to generate play among his teammates and when the script required assuming responsibilities. A whole season of consecration in which he was the main support of his team in the fight for a permanence that escaped in the last days of competition.

Honorable Mention: TJ Crockett (CB Prat)

He arrived in El Prat del Llobregat to live his first experience in Europe and this could not have had a more satisfactory result for TJ Crockett. An explosive point guard of North American origin who has shown himself to be one of the most effective men in the competition when it comes to solving 1v1. Although that has not been the only virtue of a player who has known how to adapt perfectly to basketball from the old continent to make his CB Prat play. A year in which they fought for permanence until the last breath and in which his game was one of the pleasant news of the course for the Potablava team.