Become for some years one of the future stars of Argentine basketball where he had not missed the different calls for the national team, forward Max Fjellerup assumed this past summer the jump to Europe to enlist in the LEB Gold League. A player who began his adaptation process in the ranks of Palmer Alma Mediterránea and ended up reaching his best game with Bàsquet Girona, which he led to promotion in the Final Four played in Girona.

Max Fjellerup was looking for a new boost in his first year in Europe when he left the ranks of a Palmer Alma Mediterránea in relegation positions to join a Bàsquet Girona in full qualifying growth. An inertia that was soon infected on a personal level and that led this Argentine forward to be able to take an important step forward in his game to be able to offer the best version of himself in Fontajau.

Because his arrival at the entity chaired by Marc Gasol together with the president himself and the experienced Txemi Urtasun served to change the course of a team that went from the fight to avoid relegation to the ambitious challenge of being able to opt for the Playoffs for the ascent. And it was precisely there that the best version of a player who grew in the different statistical aspects of the game began to emerge to become a key piece in Jordi Sagartal’s schemes.

A true talent capable of moving perfectly between the different lines of the game and who was able to contribute to both sides of the track in perfect harmony with Marc Gasol, together with whom he formed a lethal tandem in attack. Especially when it comes to taking advantage of the balls bent from the paint by the Catalan center with a good hand from beyond 6.75.

Thus, Max managed to trace an ascending line that did not stop until the historic night in which he conquered, together with his Bàsquet Girona, promotion to an Endesa League that could perhaps be the next stop in the career of a player full of talent.

Titles and awards:

– Third place in the Regular League
– Classification for the Final Four of Girona
– Promotion to the Endesa League
– Second highest scorer in the Playoffs (15.2)
– Third most valued player in the Playoffs (15.2)

Season stats – Max Fjellerup:

Games played: 23
Minutes: 24.50pp
Points: 12.9pp
Rebounds: 4.7pp
Assists: 1.9 pp
Recoveries: 1.3 pp
Plugs: 0.3 pp
Fouls received: 2.7 pp
Rating: 12.8pp

Sports career – Max Fjellerup:

Info Categories: Three Streams (Argentina)
2013/18: Bahia Basket (LNB – Argentina)
2018/21: Almagro Athletic Club (LNB – Argentina)
2021/22: Palmer Mediterranean Soul (LEB Gold)
2021/22: Basketball Girona (LEB Gold)

Honorable Mention: Manex Ansorregui (Juaristi ISB)

The true pearl of the Iraurgi quarry is, without any doubt, a Manex Ansorregui who, after doing the MVP last year in the Final of the LEB Silver Cup as well as with the two titles of the category, has been able to take a new step forward this year in his jump to the LEB Gold League. A complete dominator of the outside line on both sides of the track and an all-terrain player depending on the needs of his team. Because whether in defense or attack, Manex always responds to the demands of the coaches to be able to grow the game of a team from which he has not stopped projecting his image in the category.

Honorable Mention: Pavel Savkov (Juaristi ISB)

Completing his second consecutive year on loan, the Russian foreigner has once again offered a wide repertoire of varieties from the perimeter of a Juaristi ISB in which the minutes have sold dearly this season. A campaign in which, however, he has been able to concentrate his offensive strength to be able to perform to the maximum in every minute on the track. One of those coveted high forwards capable of entering the rebound with great force and who, as if that were not enough, has shown a good hand to be one of the important pieces in the deserved permanence of the Basque team in the category.