With the team of his life, under the watchful eye of family and friends and to be able to touch the sky as a coach in his own city. Pablo Pin’s year has almost certainly been the one dreamed of by any coach on that night in which he directs his first training session of the season. A situation that has not been far from atypical in the career of a coach who has needed just 10 seasons to take Covirán Granada from the First National Division to the Endesa League.

The appointment of Pablo Pin as the best coach of the 2021/22 season could perfectly be a recognition of a lifetime of dedication to some colours. And more specifically to a last decade in which the Nasrid entity has not met another coach other than him… Because from the first day as a club in a distant month of August 2011 until this summer of 2022, Pin has been able to sign up to four promotions with which to project the club into a new dimension.

The last of them, the most spectacular not only because of the importance and meaning, but also because of the game displayed by a team that learned from the lost final last year to reinvent itself and be able to try again. And on this occasion with the character associated with the champion teams, the one that has led them to peel each ball and fight for each victory against rivals who saw how the Andalusians slipped away little by little in the table. A year in which the final of the Princess of Asturias Cup was the only but and in which perhaps that defeat ended up being the motivating agent necessary to definitively assault first place 7 days later.

Because after the league victory at the WiZink Center, nothing and no one could stop a team that lived its most magical night one day from the end and in front of its public. A night in which Pablo Pin received recognition from his people and that no one in the city will be able to forget.

Titles and awards:

– Champion of the LEB Gold League 2021/22
– Promotion to the Endesa League
– Runner-up of the 2022 Princess Cup

Season statistics – Pablo Pin:

Games played: 35
Games won: 26
Lost games: 9

Sports career – Pablo Pin:

Info Categories: CB Grenada
2012/13: Covirán Granada (First National)
2013/15: Covirán Granada (EBA League)
2015/18: Coviran Granada (LEB Silver)
2018/22: Coviran Granada (LEB Gold)
2022/23: Covirán Granada (EBA League)

Honorable Mention: Jordi Sagartal (Basketball Girona)

He took the reins of the team as head coach in a difficult situation, after seven consecutive losses and with the team touching the relegation places. A situation that, just a few weeks later, was very different for Bàsquet Girona from a Jordi Sagartal who found in the reinforcement of Marc Gasol his best ally in the search for results. But even then it would have been hard to imagine that the upward slope of the Girona team was not going to stop until they reached a Final Four in which they would fight for promotion to the Endesa League with the support of their fans. A dream outcome that made Sagartal one of the few technicians in history capable of adding a promotion in his first participation in the category.

Honorable Mention: Gerard Finds (ICG Força Lleida)

Few doubts exist this year about the figure of a Gerard who, with his game proposal, has made his ICG Força Lleida one of the main entertainers in the category. A rookie technician in the category and who has known how to revive a project touched after last year’s relegation to even caress the rise of the category. And all this after a season in which the stands of the Espai Fruita Barris Nord have been filled week after week to enjoy a team that reached the Final Four, losing in the semifinals with the team that would end up being promoted. A meritorious campaign by a team that has excited for the future.

Second prizes: Paco Garcia, Roberto Blanco, Inaki Jimenez…

In a demanding year given the size of the participating teams, we should not forget some of the feats completed by some of the competition’s technicians, such as the spectacular final stretch of the season by Paco García, who won 8 out of a possible 9 games to score to his team in the Playoffs for promotion after his arrival at the team at the last minute or as the great year of a Cáceres P. Humanity who enjoyed himself on the track to come close to qualifying for the Final Four for promotion. A great year for Roberto Blanco’s men and in which it is important not to forget the step to the front of a Juaristi ISB that achieved the long-awaited permanence through the leadership of Iñaki Jiménez who more than fulfilled the objectives.