A change of scenery and a new destination ended up giving a 180º turn to the season of a Tomas Pavelka who happened to find his place in the ranks of Palmer Alma Mediterránea. A team with totally opposite objectives to those of a Zunder Palencia with whom he had started the season, but in which he ended up becoming a key player in their fight for permanence.

He requested his voluntary resignation in a Zunder Palencia in which he had started the season and in which he did not seem to feel completely comfortable and his decision seemed to soon bear the desired results. Because it was, with his departure to Palmer Alma Mediterránea, when Tomas Pavelka seemed to find his best game to be able to be decisive in the competition. A leading role that led him to promote a team that seemed headed for relegation and that, with his arrival, gained competitiveness from the paint to be able to try until the last breath of the competition.

Quite a final effort in which Pavelka once again felt important in the team’s schemes and in which he stood out for his defensive capacity, with good rebounding and a blocking leadership that led him to echo some of the best centers of the competition. Thus, he was able to even win an award as MVP of the week on matchday 32, which confirmed his great moment of form.

Thus, Pavelka put the personal climax to five years in Spain in which he has not stopped growing throughout his career.

Titles and awards:

– Matchday 32 MVP (+32 val)
– Twelfth most valued player in the Regular League (14.7)
– Second highest rebounder in the Regular League (7.65)
– Top blocker in the Regular League (2.13)

Season statistics – Tomas Pavelka:

Games played: 23
Minutes: 24.01pp
Points: 10.2pp
Rebounds: 7.7pp
Assists: 0.6 pp
Recoveries: 0.4pp
Caps: 2.1pp
Fouls received: 2.8 pp
Rating: 14.7pp

Sports career – Tomas Pavelka:

Info Categories: Better Academy Prague (Czech Republic)
2017/18: Unicaja Malaga (EBA League)
2018/20: Valencia Basket (EBA League)
2020/21: TAU Castelló (LEB Gold)
2021/22: Zunder Palencia (LEB Gold)
2021/22: Palmer Mediterranean Soul (LEB Gold)

Honorable Mention: Ibou Badji (ICG Força Lleida)

Under the successful loan formula that has given such good results this season to the Endesa League teams, Blaugrana Ibou Badji has been able to take a new step forward this season. A player who has shaken the hoops throughout the country and who has been essential for ICG Força Lleida to finish the season in third position. An impenetrable fortress in the painting of Gerard Finds and that has earned each and every one of the minutes that he has had this year. Undoubtedly, a declaration of intent on his part for a promising future.

Honorable Mention: Arnau Parrado (CB Prat)

Halfway between his natural position at four and a five in which he does not clash in the least thanks to his size, the interior Arnau Parrado has been another of those young players who has gained prestige this year from the paint. A man who has not gone unnoticed at this start of the market, ending up in an HLA Alicante in which he will be able to mature his game even more next season. A first course away from the discipline of the Penya-CB Prat project where he has been able to gain interior solidity to be one of the national interiors with the greatest projection in the category.