This Saturday’s Spain-Iran in Valencia, the first match on Spain’s preparation road to the Olympic Games, has left these 4 historical statistical pearls:

Point 3,600 of Pau The first point scored by Pau Gasol in his comeback with the Spain jersey was his 3,600th point as an absolute international. It is the historical leader in this category

More than 4,500 minutes of Rudy The captain has exceeded 4,500 minutes played with the National Team. He has already done it in the first half, in which he has been on the track for just over 13 minutes after forming in the starting quintet

Juancho’s basket No. 100 The first one scored by Juancho Hernangómez has meant his 100th field basket with the National Team. Of the first 99, 37 had been triples

5 debutants in 2021 Usman Garuba and Sergi Martínez have joined the list of debutants as absolute internationals this year 2021. Before them were Joel Parra, Fran Guerra and Miquel Salvó, in the ‘euro window’ of February