Lointek Gernika worked really hard from the start of the game to be able to take the match to their home ground and that led to their well-deserved qualification for the semi-finals that Cadí La Seu put in serious danger with their final reaction with the last minute remaining. match. Insufficient time, however, to be able to complete a comeback that did not obtain the desired ending for its protagonists.

AUDIO RP: Bernat Canut and Ariadna Pujol (Cadi La Seu)

AUDIO RP: Mario López and Roselis Silva (Lointek Gernika)

Cadi La Seu vs. Lointek Gernika (00-00) / Statistics

Lointek Gernika will face Perfumerias Avenida in the first of the semifinals once the Basque team has passed its first formality by winning the quarterfinal match against the team that managed to snatch home court advantage for the tie. A Cadí La Seu who signed a good game, but who paid dearly for the disadvantages of a cold start to the third quarter.

A frenetic pace as the first demonstration (14-17)

Like a true cyclone, both Cadí La Seu and Lointek Gernika entered the Fonteta track. A first symptom that the illusion of one and the other was going to lead them to fight for victory until the end. That, in the most emotional aspect since in the sports car the exchange of blows between one and the other was constant for 10 minutes of passion. Because the 4-0 run with which Cadí La Seu started the clash was not long in being followed by a first reaction from a Lointek Gernika team that showed muscle through the inner talent of a Tinara Moore who very quickly equalized the match. And meanwhile, the fans enjoyed the talent of an Irati Etxarri who signed the first plays for the highlights, entering into a full internal duel with a Tinara Moore who led her team to intermission ahead (14-17).

From impetus to reason to seek control of the party (8-10)

Things changed a lot after passing through the benches since the two teams returned to the track much more serene in each action and with special caution when it came to being able to secure each action. A task that was accompanied by a rise in defensive lines and greater intensity under the hoops. With this, the marker began to sell much more expensive each point. A field in which only Angela Bjorklund’s exterior success could make a small difference that allowed Lointek Gernika to go to the locker room one step ahead (22-27).

Revolution of the Lointek Gernika to be placed in maximum income (15-19)

It seemed that the second quarter-final match could be resolved in the same way as the first, but the resumption brought a much more active Lointek Gernika in all senses to be able to put land in the middle of the electronic very soon. Because Mario López’s men were able to sign a 0-9 run in just over two and a half minutes with which to take command of the game (22-36). Things were getting complicated for Cadí La Seu, but Bernat Canut did not lose his cool from the bench, transmitting confidence to his players despite some maximum differences in favor of his rival that they seemed to want to annul when before. Thus, a good end of the quarter allowed the Catalans to be less than ten when the horn sounded (37-46).

Rosó Buch contains the comeback and signs the pass to the semis (14-9)

With just ten minutes to go, Cadí La Seu was pure heart in search of a comeback that they came close to with a couple of three-pointers. A moment that led Mario López to ask his players for calm with a more leisurely game and that would lead to ensuring each action (41-49). Because with the rival on top and Laura Peña compressing the game with 90 seconds remaining, the head was going to be the most important thing (46-51). And the Catalans were close to being able to get into the fight for victory, but the rebounding work of Tinara Moore and the success of Rosó Buch in a great penetration served to close a match with which Lointek Gernika reached the semifinals again (51-55).