The competitive logic ended up prevailing, but it took Perfumerías 40 minutes of play to beat an IDK Euskotren that resisted until the end to add emotion to a match in which Azu Muguruza’s team stayed on the verge of some historic semifinals .

AUDIO RP: Roberto Íñiguez and Leo Rodríguez (Perf. Avenida)

AUDIO RP: Azu Muguruza and Maria Spain (IDK Euskotren)

Perfumeries Avenida vs IDK Euskotren (60-56) / Statistics

Had a close shot by Coulibaly with just seconds to go found its way to the rim, the movie might have ended up being very different for an IDK Euskotren who ruled for much of the game, but fortune was placed at that moment on the side of Perfumerías Avenida and the players from Salamanca were able to close their ticket to the semifinals in which they already expect a rival.

Coulibaly marks ground in the early stages (9-11)

The players of both teams did not start the game especially in tune and that was noticeable on the scoreboard where they had to wait up to three minutes to see the first points. A positive action that came from the hand of an infallible Cooper from beyond 6.75 and that seemed to awaken the most competitive spirit of his rival. Because at that precise moment, Azu Muguruza’s team began to shine their attacks at the hands of a Coulibaly that grew in the paint. It didn’t take long for Joy Adams to join the party with a basket that caused the first timeout from Salamanca and that led her team to a small maximum lead of 4 points. But how could it be otherwise, the mettle of Silvia Domínguez in the direction helped Perfumerías Avenida to recover part of the lost ground (9-11).

Cazorla puts the temple and Cooper the points (20-13)

Very similar was the beginning of a second quarter that, during the first half, kept IDK Euskotren ahead. Because the Basque team was able to exploit its 2-4 point lead at all times to slightly disturb a rival who, however, did not take long to find solutions. Specifically as a change since Maite Cazorla’s entrance on the track allowed the team to take a step forward on both sides of the track. First in defense, where they were able to lengthen their rival’s possessions causing the first inaccuracies and then in attack with a Cooper that put the +3 on the scoreboard (20-17). And although IDK was able to respond, Cooper’s talent was about to achieve the first important lead two minutes from the end (25-20) in the face of a last effort in which a triple by Leo Rodríguez was decisive (29- 24).

The resistance from San Sebastian prolongs the emotion (17-17)

Going through the locker room did not sit badly for an IDK Euskotren who thus remembered their game guidelines to return to the track stronger than ever. This was guaranteed by his work in the first half and, above all, the sensations acquired on the parquet. In this way, the team was able to resist each and every one of the tricks of a Perfumerías Avenida that tried to put land in between in the marking and that found an answer time and time again in its rival. Because between Yurena Díaz and Cornelius, the visitors were able to counter such important actions as the triple with which Samuelson had sought the match’s maximum (40-36). In this way, neither the locals managed to leave nor the visitors let themselves go so that the emotion could remain intact until the last bars (46-41).

Neither Colibay nor Cox prevent the pass of an accurate Avenue (14-15)

There was only one quarter left to play and the idea of ??the match was not going to be far from sight during the previous three periods. IDK Euskotren tried to impose its pace of play and Perfumerías Avenida resisted through the mobility of Maite Cazorla. Thus, the queens of the Cup tried to widen the differences in each offensive action, but it was not until the last minute when IDK Euskotren gave its arm to twist. And that Coulibaly had in his hand a ball with which he could have revolutionized a match in which Cox had shone with his own light. But the ball didn’t go in and Perfumerías was right on this occasion with the final free throws to ensure a place in the semi-finals (60-56).