The city of Girona will return to the Endesa League 14 years after its last participation and will do so thanks to the rise won by a Bàsquet Girona team that created a magical atmosphere and was carried away by the magic of an intractable Marc Gasol on both sides of the clue.

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Movistar Students vs Basketball Girona (60-66)

Bàsquet Girona is a new Endesa League team after the valuable victory reaped by the Catalan team in a match in which the Catalans took the initiative throughout the match and in which Marc Gasol’s inertia was decisive in being able to achieve the long-awaited goal .

Exchange of sensations to alternate dominance (14-19)

With a promotion at stake, the protagonists of the Final could not break into another node in the match that was not entering with everything. In this way, the world champions Javier Beirán and Marc Gasol met on the parquet floor to direct the first designs of their team in a match in which not even Johnny Dee wanted to stay out despite physical discomfort. The best ingredients for a start in which the leading role, however, had an Argentine flavor. Because Max Fjellerup’s 7 points, together with Marc Gasol’s first basket, seemed to want to open a gap in favor of the Girona team. Or at least that’s what the Girona team tried to do, accompanying their attack with a zone defense that Movistar Estudiantes quickly broke. And it is that, between Johnny Dee and Lucas Faggiano they were able to turn the score around to give the first emotional blow to their rival. An exchange of blows that was going to experience a third right hand, this time at the hands of the people from Girona to leave at the end of the opening act ahead (14-19).

Maximum income for a Bàsquet Girona that ends up yielding (16-15)

With a tone very similar to that of the beginning of the game, the second quarter began with a new step forward for Bàsquet Girona from the outside shot. A good hand that reached its peak when Kaspars Vecvagars was able to score an accurate triple that forced Movistar Estudiantes to stop the match (20-28). Because the physical superiority of Felipe dos Anjos in the area seemed not to be quite enough when it came to penetrating a hoop that was beginning to close for the people of Madrid. It was for this reason that the timeout requested by Diego Epifanio seemed to come in handy for his team, gaining solidity on the rebound against a rival who was already moving at maximum income (20-30). But based on pick and shovel and with Javi Beiran pulling the team, the people of Madrid managed to reduce the rents to -4 in a great final action by Johnny Dee at the buzzer. The game was thus completely open for the second half (30-34).

Inner strength to take a new step (17-24)

The second half began and, with it, Bàsquet Girona tried to impose its pace of play for the third time. Thus, six quick points including a triple by Max Fjellerup, allowed the Girona team to recover a good lead to be able to seek the break again (32-40). Eight points that were converted for a good number of minutes in the middle income in favor of the Catalan team, specifically until Marc Gasol was able to sign a stellar 2+1 in the student zone to place a +10 on the scoreboard with which put land in between in the absence of 13 minutes for the end of the match (35-45). The stands came up and, with them, a Max Fjellerup who climbed another 2 + 1 to the electronic to put the direct towards victory. Because, as if that were not enough, the foreign success also accompanied the Catalans in their goal through a great Albert Sàbat (47-58).

The last student attempt collided with the desire for promotion (13-8)

With ten minutes to play and the match fully on track, Bàsquet Girona still had to suffer one last student onslaught. Because the people of Madrid got to within two points of their rival with three minutes to go, leading the match to an even finish. A final stretch of the match in which the hopes of Movistar Estudiantes seemed to be revived, but in which the defensive struggle of Marc Gasol led a last claw with which to leave the victory at home. The final horn culminated the ascent and, with it, the joy exploded in the pavilion (60-66)

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