Third world medal in men’s training and fifth overall after a night to remember. A magical atmosphere in the Martín Carpena that led Spain to jump onto the track with the necessary confidence to stand up to the almighty United States. Izan Almansa inaugurated an appointment that soon had Spanish dominance (13-8). Perfectly executing the pressure output and with a very intense defensive proposal and with actions such as a spectacular mate by Hugo González (15-11), the U17 took the first round of the clash (20-13).

The USA tried to adjust the score (22-17), but the National Team stood firm with another good start to the period to place the +8 (25-17). After the halfway point of the fourth, the rival approached with the points of Holland and Flagg (33-31), although the power of Almansa and Mara in the low post left the national team ahead at halftime (38-33).

Spain continued to set the pace of the match with points from Conrad and Hugo (43-38) until in the 26th minute of the game, the United States completed a 1-14 run that completely turned the situation around (49 -56). It was time to row and so did the team, which highlighted its offense with a layup by Hugo (51-62).

The high physical level proposed by the rival in the pressure caused Spain to have a hard time scoring (56-64) and just at the moment when the comeback seemed most complicated, the great Aday Mara appeared to give hope to the National Team putting the 61-69 in the absence of 6 minutes to go.

The U17M emptied themselves on the track, but the United States did not give their arm to twist and ended up winning 67-79. Spain takes a silver medal whose value is incalculable for the sensations that this generation has left and what they have experienced in Carpena these days.