Bàsquet Girona will fight for promotion and will do so against Movistar Estudiantes, thus elucidating which of the two teams manages to promote to the Endesa League. All this after a vibrant meeting in which Jordi Sagartal’s men were able to sign one of their best first times of the season to be able to certify their classification.

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Basketball Girona vs ICG Força Lleida (00-00)

Never before has Bàsquet Girona been so close to the Endesa League as it will happen this Sunday afternoon after their triumph in a great semifinal match against ICG Força Lleida who resisted until the end to complete the best season in their history. A night in which the stands of Fontajau played a decisive role so that the people of Girona could take the penultimate step.

An overwhelming start to mark the first differences (11-26)

Both coaches had highlighted in the preview the importance of being able to start the match well, but the message seemed to sink in deeply with the Bàsquet Girona players. A team that jumped onto the court ready to take command of the game from the very beginning and that began to make a difference from the outer line, with Josep Franch who revolutionized the first actions both with his direction of the game and with his success from the outside . A job that had its continuity in defense where the pressure on the rival and the pressure on the passing lanes made it difficult for the Girona team to go into the first intermission with a significant disadvantage (11-26).

Offensive rhythm to increase the differences (20-27)

Little things changed for the interests of ICG Força Lleida with the start of a second quarter in which Bàsquet Girona was able to maintain its scoring pace. Especially from beyond 6.75 where the people of Girona seemed to feel especially comfortable. A success that reduced the reaction capacity of Gerard Find’s men who, despite trying in every possible way, did not feel comfortable. This was the definitive push for the local income to go to maximum differences on the verge of a break that invited optimism in the local fans (31-53).

Marc Gasol’s injury drives Bàsquet Girona (17-8)

ICG Força Lleida needed a first blow of authority after passing through the changing rooms to be able to opt for victory. A change of inertia that they sought through different offensive proposals as well as with their first open pitches of the night, but it was not until midway through the second quarter when the “locals” were able to see each other again in the game. Specifically when an action on a rebound caused the injury that forced Marc Gasol to retire to the locker room, unable to enter the track anymore. This caused a slight emotional slowdown in the Girona entity, which caused the first reaction of an ICG Força Lleida team that seemed to sense its first great opportunity (48-61).

The definitive blow secures the victory and the pass to the final (20-16)

And with everything to be decided, Bàsquet Girona made a double pineapple, first from their bench and later with the stands to be able to give the final pass to victory. A joint role that ended up nullifying the options of an ICG Força Lleida that resisted until the end, but that could not overcome these final differences against a team launched for victory and that did not take long to certify the pass to the final to be able to opt for promotion (68-77).