It will be next June 3 when we will see again on the floor a Spanish team that will play its first minutes in national territory for the imminent Eurobasket. Some matches to which Lucas Mondelo’s team will become much more mature in their game thanks to the important test bench carried out these days in France and where the coaching staff has been able to draw the first positive conclusions regarding their growth as a team.

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FRANCE TEAM vs SPAIN TEAM (72-45) / Statistics

It could not be. The Spanish National Team could not prevail in France for the second consecutive match within a preparation that will continue in the coming days, taking as a reference those positive conclusions of a confrontation in which fortune did not accompany Lucas Mondelo’s players.

An erratic start gives France command of the party (27-5)

With María Conde, Laura Gil, Laura Quevedo and Laia Palau facing their “day of rest”, the first novelty of the match by Lucas Mondelo came with the configuration of an ideal quintet in which Tamara Abalde and Raquel Carrera returned to form the home inner couple. Both accompanied on this occasion by Sivia Domínguez and Maite Cazorla in the direction as well as Alba Torrens at the third. Two bases on the court with which to try to impose a rhythm of play that, however, seemed to ally with the French team during the first minutes of the game. A start in which the annotation seemed not to accompany either of the two teams and, especially, a Spanish team that saw how the France team took advantage of 0/8 of ours facing the basket to sign a forceful partial ( 14-0). Lucas Mondelo stopped the game to throw more words than a slate and the first Spanish points began to arrive from there by a Cristina Oviña who thus broke the French partial (14-2). But the rotations of the national team were not enough to contain a stellar France in scoring and that closed the quarter with a new outside pitch by Williams (27-5).

The defensive character allows Spain to reduce differences (10-17)

Two consecutive baskets of the Spanish National Team at the beginning of the second quarter and, especially the fifth point of Cristina Ouviña, seemed to disturb for the first time a French National Team that did not take long to take time out to stop the match (29-9 ). With this, Valérie Garnier tried to alert her players about the possible growth of a Spanish team that had raised the passing lanes and that was beginning to pose some problems to her team through the steals of the ball from its outside players. Despite this, Rupert was able to keep the differences intact thanks to his success (33-14), thus causing the growth of a Spanish team that began to generate from the defensive rebound. And it is that, two consecutive captures of Silvia Domínguez, allowed to run to a Selection in which Alba Torrens culminated successfully under the hoops (37-22).

The lack of success complicates its options for Spain (15-8)

The script of both teams did not change excessively with the beginning of a second half in which the Spanish National Team continued to fight each ball from the defense, but with a notable lack of success in the face of the ring that prevented Lucas Mondelo’s being able to get closer on the scoreboard. Because neither the free throws (8/14) nor the outside shot (0/6) helped Spain to endorse their efforts with what would have been their logical consequence on the scoreboard (45-27). Thus, the national team saw how the lack of points diminished the joy in their game against a France that grew on the basis of confidence to reach its maximum income in the final stretch of the third quarter (52-30).

France squeezes their game rhythm to reaffirm their triumph (20-15)

With ten minutes to go, the French team did not lower the piston against a Spain that was trying to defend itself in the zone to keep the French centers away from the rim. A strategy that collided with the stellar exterior success of a rival who had finished breaking the game from 6.75 to place himself above thirty for the first time to cause a new time-out for Mondelo (65-32). Based on the slate, the national coach returned to an individual defense that, however, was not a concern for a France that continued to impose its success (50%) against a visiting team that had not been able to score from the line of three (68-34). Little history already had the last five minutes of the game where Spain continued to move its bench, giving minutes of play to young people like Laia Flores who scored her first points with the national shirt (72-45).