Movistar Estudiantes had to work hard to be able to lift the title, but the word champion already appears next to the name of the Madrid team in the LEB Gold League. All this after a great final in which the Madrid team had an 18-point advantage at half-time after a three-pointer by Beirán from beyond midfield and in which Covirán Granada was able to come from behind to arrive with options until the last play of the game.

Movistar Students vs Covirán Granada (73-72) / Statistics

Spectacular meeting starring Movistar Estudiantes and Covirán Granada in a Copa Princesa final that will be remembered for the emotion and the spectacle that was experienced on the track. A duel resolved in its last play and that ended up rewarding the consistency of the people of Madrid on a morning in which the WiZink Center broke the historical attendance record for the Finals with 9,432 spectators.

Overwhelming pace of student game to take distance (23-10)

It is usual that, in a final, its protagonists enter the game with a certain respect for an opponent that they grope during the first bars. And that was what happened on the floor of a Wizink Center in which both teams needed almost three minutes to start letting go of nerves in attack. A task that Kevin Larsen gallantly assumed through a superb mate with which to launch the first warning to his rival. But it was not the only one since three consecutive free throws by Johnny Dee and a new mate, this time by Nacho Martín, forced Pablo to request his first time out with a clear disadvantage against him (9-1). . It had to be Elisor who scored the first basket in play for the Nasrids, six minutes into the game, but this did not serve to temper nerves in a team that continued to make inaccuracies in attack as a result of nerves. Movistar Estudiantes knew how to read it and, with two three triples, put up a wide lead two minutes from the break (18-3) to which Covirán reacted by “force” linking three baskets in a row (23-10).

Beiran stabs a dagger from 14 meters (21-16)

Covirán Granada had not exhibited its best version and for this reason, the Andalusian players returned to the track ready to invert their image on the parquet. Germán Martínez was responsible for this, putting his heart into his team’s play, well supported by Joan Tomàs, together with whom he put his team to 10 (27-17). It seemed that it could be the time for Pablo Pin’s squad, but Movistar Estudiantes did not cease in their efforts to obtain advantages from an inside game that served to contain every attempt at a comeback by Covirán (31-17). Time passed and things got complicated for Covirán Granada who tried to find new ways to score with Thomas Bropleh’s first triple, but when they were feeling more comfortable, the great student blow came with a triple by Javi Beiran from 14 meters to close the first half in a big way (44-26).

The Nasrid reaction comes from the defense (9-26)

It took Pablo Pin’s team to return to the track, but when it did, the faces of its players announced war drums. And these began to sound from the defense with solid work that kept the people from Madrid away from the hoops and that began to worry the local fans. Especially when Christian Díaz and Lluis Costa put on their overalls in attack so that, with a stellar direction and the occasional triple, their team could see themselves ahead on the scoreboard for the first time (48-49). The visitors felt comfortable and the history of the game changed completely with Movistar Estudiantes forced to fight against the scoreboard, forcing Javi Beiran to get the public out of their seats in search of a push (53-52).

The final heads or tails smiles at Movistar Estudiantes (20-20)

And if the first three quarters of the match had been vibrant, a final period in which everything could happen was no less spectacular. First with the explosion of Lluis Costa from 6.75 and later, with the magic of an Álex Urtasun who came up with superb penetrations with which to prolong the outcome until the last breath. There, Lluis Costa had 3 free throws with which he could have leveled the game with 4″ to go, but the last one did not go in and Movistar Estudiantes enjoyed a last ball that did not find its way to the hoop either. Covirán failed again from many meters away and the victory ended up staying at home (73-72).