Twelve triples, an intense defense and a choral game with a very distributed score. This is how Perfumerías Avenida was proclaimed champion in a final that in Salamanca they will remember forever because it represents the prolongation of a decade of Azulón dominance in terms of league titles.

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Perfumerías Avenida vs Valencia Basket (76-61)

A good second quarter that served to cut off the good start of Valencia Basket was the prelude to a magnificent third period that put the advantage in seven goals (57-50). From there, it was impossible to stop the good feelings of the charro team that in the last period unleashed the madness of a Würzburg that celebrated everything that it has not been able to enjoy in this difficult year.

Valencia Basket takes the first advantages (20-23)

The high pace of play that Cristina Ouviña set at the beginning of the match served for Valencia Basket to go ahead in the first minutes (0-4). The taronja team continued to find a hoop with ease and after a triple by Rebecca Allen put a 2-9 that was remedied by Perfumerías Avenida after a time-out by Roberto Íñiguez. Little by little the reaction of the charro team arrived and with another triple, now from Katie Lou Samuelson, the score was equalized (10-11). This action by the American was followed by a basket by Tiffany Hayes that allowed the Azulonas to take the lead for the first time (12-11). The score continued to be adjusted until Leticia Romero’s shares arrived. A triple and a 2 + 1 from Gran Canaria outside allowed the visitors to gain an advantage at the end of the first period.

Three by three it goes faster (22-14)

Two triples by Leo Rodríguez in the first minute of the fourth were a small preview of what would be to come in this second round. Up to five times the charro team scored from 6.75. A great success that was accompanied by a very intense defense that prevented Valencia Basket from deploying their idea of ??the game. After the 9-0 start in favor of the locals, Cristina Ouviña managed to cut the bleeding (29-25). The triplet party continued in a Würzburg pavilion that celebrated the successes of theirs and lamented those of the rivals Raquel Carrera and Rebecca Allen (37-31). The local team continued to dominate the period but with the impulse of Trahan-Davis, Valencia Basket prevented the azulonas from escaping (39-35). That distance between the two was maintained until the arrival of the break (42-37).

The “tiquitaca” azulón begins (15-13)

The tempo of the match was once again set by a Cristina Ouviña convinced of the comeback. The connections of the Aragonese base with their pivots and their own success were worth to adjust the score (46-44). However, the squad led by Roberto Iñiguez remained solid and dominated through a great defense that forced the Valencian team to make forced shots. With the great effort behind Perfumerías Avenida, it was enough for them to continue extending the good success from 6.75 and that is how it was, because two hits by Maite Cazorla and Katie Lou Samuelson again put land in the middle (54-56). With a basket from Hayes, the locals established a new maximum (56-46), which was broken by the explosion of courage of the Taronja captain, Anna Gómez (57-50).

Madness breaks out in Würzburg (19-11)

Perfumerías Avenida did not lose a bit of strength and continued to increase its income with a choral game in attack. The guards Silvia Domínguez and Maite Cazorla distributed a game that on most occasions Bella Allarie and Katie Lou Samuelson converted into a basket, who in a great job in the game without the ball achieved many advantages in the area. Two triples by Leo Rodríguez and Silvia Domínguez (72-55) ended up breaking the match and unleashing madness in a Würzburg, which with a capacity of 1,000 people pushed theirs to the seventh league title in its history.