With an initial kill by Pradilla and a triple by Jaime Fernández, Spain had an authoritarian start (2-9, minute 3) which, however, little by little, has eroded several losses due to imprecise passes. And Mykhailiuk’s first basket, a triple, hitherto well tied by Parra, put the Ukrainians ahead (10-9, minute 5), who maintained control in the following minutes, already in full first rotations. A triple by Lukashov and an alley-oop culminated by Bobrov have shot up the score (19-12, minute 8). Two free throws by Sima and a three-pointer by Díez have restored equality (19-17) with one minute to go in the first quarter. With more defensive ambition, closing the rebound, a triple by Brizuela and a block by Xabi, Spain has commanded again (19-20).

The second quarter began with 3 points from Jaime Fernández, consolidating the team’s previous good minutes, with control of the rhythm, an open attack and general accuracy. Two consecutive actions by Saiz have reinforced the advantage (24-29, minute 14) and a counterattack culminated by Brizuela after a block by Saiz has increased it a little more (26-31). But Pustovyi has conditioned the interior offensive game and has also been effective in his shots. And although Mykhailiuk was still tied down, two three-pointers by Tkachenko in one minute gave the Ukrainians wings again (36-33, Minute 16). The marker has moved in a range of +2 / -2 in the remainder of the quarter. A 2+1 from Sima and 1 free throw from Parra led to the break at 39-40. Or what is the same: the totally open party.

The second half couldn’t have started better: Quino’s three-pointer, hard defensive rebounding and greater pressure. The Ukrainian errors in the pass, well suffocated, have been punished by Spain with good counterattacks, from which they have taken advantage (42-50, minute 23 after a free kick by Parra and a penetration by Xabi). The duel has picked up the pace and Spain has not let up: 48-53, minute 25, after a three-pointer by López-Aróstegui. But the clash has been hardening, every minute it has been more difficult to score. Ukraine took the lead again but Parra stopped it with a counterattack basket after recovering (58-57, minute 30). But the last possession of the quarter, with 5 seconds left, has vanished (60-57).

The problems in the defensive rebound continued, although the Ukrainians could not score in the first attacks. Mykhailiuk took responsibility and began to be the protagonist of all the attacks of his team. 68-61 after two free throws and a timeout by Sergio Scariolo. The three-pointers were not included and it had to be Jaime Pradilla with a 2+1 counterattack after a spectacular mate that made Spain react. A special defense ‘box and one’ stopped the offensive production of the Ukrainian team, but it was difficult to score. Another 2+1, this time from Sebas Saiz, made it 73-71. The unsportsmanlike served so that Jaime Fernández, from 7 meters, scored 73-74 (0-6 in 10 seconds of play). The free throws equaled the match at 76. Xabi López-Arostegui scored one of the two free throws, and Sebas Saiz placed a key stopper with three seconds to go.

The first Window of the second qualifying phase for the 2023 World Cup will be held at the end of August, just a few days before the Eurobasket. In this second and final round, Spain will have Italy, Iceland and the Netherlands as rivals.