Spain has put an end to the qualifying ‘windows’ for the Eurobasket 2002 with a second victory in Gliwice, which has marked Israel’s first defeat in the entire tournament and has once again demonstrated the collective character and competitiveness of the National Team. The youngest and debutant, Joel parra, has been the most valued (17) thanks to his 8 points and 9 rebounds in a game in which Spain has suffered the fouls pointed out to its tall men and has overcome its poor aim on free throws.

Despite 0-2 of Cohen, the rhythm of the game has been carried out practically from the beginning by Spain, especially since it has taken the lead on the scoreboard with a triple of Bassas (11-8, minute 6). A very high defensive level, work on the rebound despite being charged early with fouls Warrior and War and the use of the occasions in which he has been able to go on the counterattack have given the Spanish game the greatest consistency. Neither the zonal attempt to KatashTowards the end of the first quarter, his fluency has diminished. And like on Friday against the Poles, Scariolo has been giving minutes to all his players. The balance of the first ten minutes: 19-13.

Spain has begun to mark important distances with the first basket of the second quarter, the work of Jaime Fernandez (21-13). And when he has been forced to do without his two innermost men, the work of Barreiro and Vine under the hoops he has maintained the strength of the team. The minutes in which Spain opted for a zone defense, which in attack have completed two triples of López Aróstegui and one more of Bassas, with which the scoreboard has shot up to 34-22 (minute 17). A triple of Brizuela and a pop of Paulí They have signed an excellent first half, which Spain closed with an 11-point advantage (42-31). Only too many wasted free throws have kept him from going even bigger.

The start of the second half was reminiscent of the one lived in Valencia: Israel has returned to the game with three practically consecutive triples in just three minutes (44-40, minute 22). On this occasion, however, Spain has managed to rebuild itself. He has not been able to prevent the duel from being maintained in the dynamics of equality, but except on specific occasions, he has continued to command. That, despite the fact that he has continued to miss too many free throws and Warrior and War they have spent more minutes than normal on the bench, loaded with fouls. The fight for the rebound, however, has been brilliantly maintained by both Barreiro and especially Parra. The Israelis have come to get ahead (57-58, minute 29) but two free throws by Barreiro have led to the last ten minutes again with Spain in command (59-58).

The 6-0 start in the final quarter has revalued the National Team, which has responded in a big way to all the Israeli envestidas. To a triple of Menco they have responded Bassas and Vine with an alley-oop (6-64, minute 37) and another of Blatt, Brizuela (74-72, minute 39). So everything has been decided again in the last seconds, especially in the final 16. Bassas and López Aróstegui They have certified the victory with, this time, a 4 of 4 from the free throw line, the last two, after an excellent defensive action that has forced a very forced and misguided triple of Cohen.

Two out of two, then, in these last two days played in Gliwice. Two victories, in addition, against the two best rivals in the group, and in even matches in which the youngest Spain in recent times has performed outstandingly.