Spain has suffered from the logical lack of offensive fluidity in the first few minutes, but little by little the rhythm has started to set in. Three baskets by Sebas Saiz, winning them in the paint, gave him dominance on the scoreboard until Krstewski broke it with a triple (6-7, minute 5). The reaction culminated in a spectacular Bassas-Saiz alley-oop, but four Macedonian triples did not make things easy (14-16, minute 8). A portentous penetration by Jaime Fernández closed the first quarter with an advantage (19-17).

The second quarter started just as the first ended: with points from Jaime, this time from the triple (22-17). And more speed and general success, as well as solidity in defense. The result has been two consecutive three-pointers by Santi Yusta, who have begun to overwhelm the rival (33-21, minute 15), already with less accuracy in the outside shot and confidence in their chances of giving the surprise. On the counterattack, Spain has once again been little less than unstoppable and the difference on the scoreboard has been increasing, with spectacular actions that have put the public on its feet (41-21, minute 18). The break was reached with a clear 45-23, after ten excellent minutes of Spanish basketball.

Full-court pressure marked the start of the second period. He has drowned the Macedonians practically definitively, despite the fact that it took Spain a bit to add up and a triple by Stojanovski (52-26, minute 22). The scoring success has been improving, and the rhythm too, with the first relays, but Macedonia has not stopped fighting and, in its own way, equalizing the match. He has taken Spain to the free throw line with some regularity and has not been able to beat Sebas under his own basket, nor Sima afterwards, and a triple by Bassas and a free throw by Yankuba have put the scoreboard on the verge of +30, that has been overcome before the last cut (62-31) after a basket by Brizuela.

With ten minutes to play and the public dedicated to the game of the National Team, little history had already a last period that was reached with the match seen for sentence. Spain was walking firmly towards a new victory and the last minutes were the confirmation of the good moment of form that a team capable of competing at all times and regardless of the score (80-44) is going through.