It could not be. Darío Brizuela’s incredible triple was not enough to earn the fifth victory in this qualifying phase. The extra time, the Georgians’ need for victory and the explosion of the young Rati Andronikashvili prevented a full Spanish. The good news: first place is almost assured and Spain played extra time with players in their twenties like Joel Parra or Jaime Pradilla,

A first quarter marked by the defenses ended with maximum equality (15-14) with a last basket by Bekauri after an offensive rebound, despite the fact that in general Spain has dominated under their basket. Except for the partial 0-9 with which López-Aróstegui, Guerra and Parra conjured up the Georgians’ initial triple, the scoreboard has moved at all times in equality. Pradilla on Shengelia and Fran on Shermadini have slowed down their double inner power, and the initial work of xabi on McFadden has also worked. And with the rotation, the Spanish defense has continued to be successful. Only a little more aim has been lacking, especially in the triples.

Barely three minutes into the second quarter, Spain had not yet made their debut from the 3-point line, and a basket by Burjanadze gave the Caucasians a maximum advantage of 5 points (21-16, minute 13) without their two pivots in Game. The first Spanish triple, from Brizuela’s wrist, has served to rebalance the score (21-21, minute 15) and not lose the rhythm of the game, which has continued to be a little fluid anyway. The first clear counterattack by the Georgians was completed by Shengelia with a dunk that put the flag on its feet, and in the following actions Georgia gained more margin with 5 free throws practically in a row (31-24, minute 18). A triple by Bassas has cut the local streak (35-31) but the first half was closed by Shengelia with a basket over the buzzer (37-31).

The third quarter began with Giorgi Shermadini doing damage near the Spanish hoop and achieving the maximum Georgian difference (41-33). Xabi Lopez-Arostegui He responded from the triple and the match lived a few minutes of errors and missed shots. An unsportsmanlike foul allowed the score to be brought closer, and it was completely equalized after a triple from Ferran Bassa (41-41) after a 10-0 run for those from Serge Scariolo. Spain felt more comfortable in these minutes, and tried to run if they captured the defensive rebound without problems. In addition, personal fouls allowed free throws to be scored at a time when baskets were far from easy. The fourth ended with a slight Spanish advantage (44-47)

Georgia started the last quarter with Ilias Zouros calling for balls inside for the physical superiority of Shermadini. With the defense tighter, McFadden scored another three-pointer and took the lead again (51-50). Good Spanish reaction with a 0-7 run to make it 51-57 and cause the Georgian timeout. The situation was more worrying for them, who after the defeat against Ukraine needed a victory for the second phase. A 2+1 from McFadden tightened the score (58-59) with four minutes to play. Exchange of baskets, with the important men taking responsibility. The game was on the edge, when an error of Ferran Bassa facilitated the basket of young Rati Andronikastvili. It seemed that the game was lost, but an incredible three-pointer from Dario Brizuela and a subsequent decision by Shengelia took the match to extra time.

Frank War held off Spain in extra time, with Shengelia taking responsibility. Andronikastvili did a lot of damage with a triple and Tadd McFadden certified it with another after leaving the block that buried the Spanish aspirations. Those of Scariolo finished with five players above ten points: Xabi Lopez-Arostegui (14), Dario Brizuela (12), Joel Parra (eleven), Ferran Bassas and Fran Guerra (10).