Best celebration of Scariolo’s match 150 at the helm of Spain, impossible. The youngest Senior National Team in recent times has taken quite a blow for the future, beating the hosts with an outstanding choral performance, an especially brilliant match from Jonathan Barreiro and three new senior international debutants.

With a good level of success in attack by both teams, the first quarter has already marked the equality that has presided over the first 20 minutes from the beginning. To the triple with which he has opened the scoreboard Michalak Brizuela has responded immediately also from beyond the line. But while Poland’s game has been based almost exclusively on the skill of AJ SlaughterSpain have continued to play as a team and have reacted every time the locals got ahead. His maximum advantage, however, has not exceeded +4 (13-9, minute 3), the same that the National Team achieved minutes later (21-25) with Joel Parra’s first basket as an absolute international. in this first quarter, which ended with a tight 27-26, they have also taken the alternative Fran Guerra and Miquel Salvó.

The equality has been maintained in the second quarter, although with the defensive performance above by both teams. Not when Slaughter He has not been on the court or when he has rested, Poland has not managed to set the pace. AND Scariolo has been giving minutes to all. The only destabilizing action of these ten minutes has been a 3 + 1 by the American guard, but he only managed to put the Poles with a +2 (35-33). Shortly after, Spain regained command of the scoreboard, and was not stuck with a zone defense in front. Jonathan Barreiro he has signed, with a triplazo on the same horn, the 43-43 with which he has reached the intermission.

The first two minutes of the third quarter were clearly Polish. A couple of inaccuracies in attack and errors in defense have made him fit a 6-0 partial (49-43, minute 22). But everything has changed after Scariolo’s time out. Slaughter has continued to add, but already playing with more discomfort with LÓpez Aróstegui Above, and the Spanish reaction has been overwhelming, with solidity under the ring itself and two clear counterattacks, which have put it back in front (49-50, minute 24). It was the beginning of especially inspired moments, which have sealed five triples almost in a row of Bassas (3) and Barreiro (65-70, minute 29), with Poland overwhelmed.

Xabi’s relay over Slaughter has taken it Sergi garcia, and then also Paulí, and the Poles have lost some fluidity and resolve. Spain, on the other hand, has continued to display its best virtues as a team already in the last leg of the game. Two scoring actions of Brizuela they have put the maximum Spanish advantage on the scoreboard twice (70-76 and 73-79). However, the duel has continued to be very even, until reaching a last minute and a half in which Spain has given its best. Especially reacting to two triples, of Wacinski and of Michalak. With the first, Poland has returned to put in front (85-83, to 1:36); and with the second he tied (88-88, at 0:17). The order in the final attack has allowed Guerra to force a foul in his fight for the rebound. There were only 6 tenths left on the clock, and he did not miss the opportunity to sign the victory with a free kick.

A victory of prestige, of team values ??and of the future so as not to stop dreaming.