SPAR Girona vs. Movistar Students (89-41) / Statistics

The last champions of the Copa de la Reina have not been able to have a better start to the competition. With an exquisite success from the perimeter and a very aggressive defense, SPAR Girona took a significant lead in the first half (56-20), difficult to overcome for Movistar Estudiantes who, despite being below the scoreboard, did not stop fighting in any moment of the meeting.

Girona’s exterior success blurs Movistar Estudiantes (35-12)

With an almost unbeatable staging based on exterior success, defensive aggressiveness and total dominance of the rebound, SPAR Girona managed to take a first distance (17-7), which ended up becoming a difficult gap to bridge for a Movistar Students who failed to remedy the aim of players like Frida Eldebrink or Kennedy Burke. The period ended with a 35-12 that made it clear that the last champions of the Copa de la Reina seek to revalidate their status.

The Gironí defensive bloc prevents Movistar from entering the match (21-8)

Almost 8 minutes without scoring sentenced Movistar Estudiantes to a disadvantage of close to thirty (40-12), although a triple by María Espín and several actions by Arica Carter allowed the schoolboys to score (48-17). However, SPAR Girona continued to show enormous defensive solidity that allowed them to score on the counterattack and create a new 8-2 run to make it 56-20 at halftime.

Reisingerova and Mendy sustain the offensive level of SPAR Girona (19-13)

Movistar Estudiantes showed more resistance, but the baskets came in dribs and drabs and it was insufficient to stop the determination of a SPAR Girona team that maintained its scoring level thanks to the actions of Julia Reisingerova and Magaly Mendy (75-33).

The Catalan team achieves the third ticket for the semifinals (14-8)

With the match broken, both coaches opted to give minutes to the younger players, the most outstanding being Begoña de Santiago who held Movistar Estudiantes’ score during the period. Despite the small arreones of the Madrid team, the Catalan team managed to take fourth once again and thus certify their pass to the semifinals of the tournament.

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