With the World Champion Cup on the floor of a packed and dedicated Olivo Arena in Jaén, Spain has added to Georgia its second victory in this first qualifying round for the 2023 World Cup. he has lowered the intensity during the 40 minutes. A choral match in which the twelve players arranged by Scariolo have at least scored one basket in play.

The game started with a lack of attack by Fran Guerra, and with Georgia, who could not count on Shengelia due to injury, based on the McFadden-Shermadini-Burjanadze triangle. It has reached +3 (5-8, minute 3) after a triple by the American. And a rigorous unsportsmanlike practice has allowed them to maintain some control (9-12) in the beginning without a clear dominator. But 7 consecutive points from Jaime Fernández in just one minute (a triple and two penetrations) has launched Spain at its best pace and Yankuba’s work under the Georgian ring has completed the turnaround of the scoreboard (20-15) before López -Aróstegui and Alberto Díaz will close the first quarter from the free throw line (23-15).

The second started with Shermadini on the bench and a triple by López-Aróstegui that started to make a difference. Excellent defense over McFadden has limited the visiting scoring arsenal, and Burjanadze has also been unable to beat Diez. An alley-oop with a spectacular dunk from Yankuba in a quick transition made it 28-15 on the scoreboard. Spain has continued to increase the pace, closing the game under its hoop and taking advantage of all the opportunities to face the Georgian with speed: two counterattacks culminated by Díez and another by Guerra have further widened the difference (36-17, minute 15) before that the Georgian coach returned Shermadini to court. Spain has reached +20 and has gone to rest passing the test with a clear 47-31.

The second half has started with little scoring production. The part of the first almost four minutes was 2-4, with a single basket by Jaime Fernández. But Spain’s advantage was not in danger (56-37, minute 26). Again the defensive work on McFadden and Burjanadze and the dominance of the rebound has marked the Spanish superiority, which has once again been entirely coral. A triple by Brizuela, once again in a fast attack, has signed 59-37 (minute 27). By then, Georgia seemed already without resources to question Spain’s second victory beyond entrusting almost all of its attacks to Shermadini, already in play, already from free throws.

So it has been. The last 10 minutes have started with 64-41. An income that has been expanding as the final stages of a match progressed in which the National Team has displayed commendable concentration and intensity until the end. An unforgettable first visit to Jaén.