After a long road, Movistar Estudiantes is now in the LEB Oro League Final where they will opt for promotion to the Endesa League this Sunday. All this after having resolved without excessive trouble a first semifinal in which Zunder Palencia could not resist the high pace of play imposed by the people of Madrid, especially after going through the changing rooms.

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Movistar Students vs. Zunder Palencia (89-62)

It was possible to intuit a match even in its previous hours, but the reality was very different in favor of a Movistar Students who knew how to control the match from the beginning to barely give a chance to a Zunder Palencia who thus concluded a new growth campaign.

Movistar Students shows their first letters (19-11)

With their usual gala five on the court and a high level of concentration, Movistar Estudiantes starred in a good start to the game with which they sent the first message of the match to their rival. Because the people of Madrid used their main offensive resources throughout the first minutes of the game to achieve small gains with which to take command of the match. Thus, the actions of Kevin Larsen or Johnny Dee served not only to increase figures on the scoreboard, but also to be able to neutralize a Zunder Palencia who had a hard time finding himself in attack. But as usual in meetings of Palencia. the good minutes of Dani Rodríguez in the direction during the final stretch of the fourth seemed to infect a collective game that began to grow on the track (19-11).

From Felipe Dos Anjos to the double reaction to one side and the other (17-13)

It was with the entry of the first men from the bench that Movistar Estudiantes managed to combine some of their best actions in the first half, especially thanks to Felipe dos Anjos. A player who soon took center stage in the paint with good deeds through his privileged physique. In this way, their first kills of the match served to force Zunder Palencia to extract their first reaction from the match. A role that corresponded to the outside line with actions by Speight and Rubio to lift the Palencia fans out of their seats. With this push, Zunder Palencia managed to get to just five points while transmitting the best possible sensations (25-20). It seemed that the visitors could be at their best moment of the clash, but a new rush from the Madrid team in the final minutes, with a new external action by Dee, ended up boosting Movistar again above 10 points at halftime (36 -24).

Inner superiority to increase differences (33-19)

With Movistar Estudiantes with a comfortable income in their favor and Zunder Palencia forced to close the gap in order to reach the end with options, the match entered its second half, granting different types of pressure to each team. Although Diego Epifanio’s men were the ones who best knew how to manage these minutes, with good defensive work and offensive growth through their accuracy from beyond 6.75. Thus, the differences began to grow, leaving Zunder Palencia with no room for reaction, who even stopped the game twice when his rival was placed at maximum income (69-43).

A final quarter of student confirmation (20-19)

With victory further and further away for their interests, Zunder Palencia only had the challenge of considering the last quarter minute by minute in order to be able to opt for more ambitious goals. But even in this way they could not stop the success of a Movistar Estudiantes who continued to fly in a fast lap and who soon surpassed the thirty difference, thus ending a match in which the horn was going to certify their pass to the final ( 89-62).