Perfumerías Avenida will be in its fifteenth final in a row after beating a Lointek Gernika Bizkaia that noticed the loss of one of its interior references, Nogaye Lo. It was precisely the offensive rebound, the aspect that most determined the meeting. With 16 sacks in the rival ring, the team led by Roberto Iñíguez did not waste second chances and little by little it was opening an insurmountable gap on the scoreboard for a Basque team that must be satisfied with the work done so much in the first semifinal of their story, as in the rest of the campaign.

With this result, the Salamanca team will be in the grand final in which Valencia Basket awaited after beating Spar Girona in their two games. The charro team has the home court factor and unlike the rest of the LF Endesa Playoffs qualifiers, this final will be played in the best of three games.

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Avenida Perfumeries vs Lointek Gernika Bizkaia (Statistics)

Lointek Gernika takes to the track with the intention of competing (19-18)

Lointek Gernika Bizkaia entered the Würzburg court with the intention of offering a competitive match and making it difficult for the Salamanca team to go to the final. Based on three-pointers from Samuelson, Perfumerías Avenida broke Gernika’s game plan (9-4), but tightened the team, which took the lead with a Roundtree tray that forced Roberto Iñíguez to request a time-out ( 14-18). The coach took the opportunity to demand more tension from his squad and the group responded well because with an increase in intensity in defense, the first period ended with an advantage for the Azulonas (19-18). In this period, the Gernikarra team did not control the rival game despite offering a good defense in the zone that at times, served for Mario López’s team to control the rebound.

Superiority in the offensive rebound overtakes Perfumerías Avenida (22-11)

The second quarter did not start well for the charro team, because a blow to the head after a collision with the ground forced the pivot Bella Allarie to go to the bench, further reducing the rotation of a Perfumerías Avenida that already noticed the absence of Maite Cazorla .
It was Nikolina Milic and Karlie Samuelson who took the offensive role in this room. This added to a spectacular dominance of the offensive rebound, with five sacks in this period, opened a certain advantage on the scoreboard in favor of the Azulonas (30-22). The local team was able to maintain the superiority around ten goals until the break (41-29) despite the fact that Lointek Gernika began to find some of its references such as Nadia Colhado or Belén Arrojo.

Andrea Vilaró ends the perfect storm (26-4)

During the first minutes of the third period the scoring rhythm was slow (45-33) but from minute 7, the local team had a perfect quarter in rebound, defense and outside success. Lointek Gernika could not score easily. The great defense of the 1×1 on the maroon shooters, Ivanovic and Bjorklund, prevented the visitors from being comfortable attacking. To this was added that the charro team continued to dominate the offensive rebound and that Nikolina Milic continued to show off his power in the area. Leo Rodríguez added in exterior success and without a doubt, the great moment of Andrea Vilaró with eight points in a row, ended up putting the icing on the perfect storm that the Salamanca team produced in this quarter (64-33).

Perfumerías Avenida does not abandon its game plan (27-10)

The local team followed with the same clarity in their idea of ??the game. Through a great defense and to ensure the rebound, the Azulonas continued to take advantage of their attack in transition. KL Samuelson, Rodríguez, Vilaró and Milic continued to add for theirs and forged another insurmountable partial for a Lointek Gernika who ran out of strength in the second half.

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