ANDhe Madrid is in a mini crisis of play and results. Barcelona is not very left over. With two defeats in their last three games, Saras Jasikevicius’ men suffered this Sunday in the first two periods to beat Coosur Betis at the Palau.


The bottom of the Endesa League uncovered, at times, the shortcomings of a team that has lived in many games under the inspiration of Nikola Mirotic. Reserved the Montenegrin by his coach had to be others who took responsibility.

Laprovittola raised his hand. The Argentine led his men to stop the Sevillian rebellion. Luis Casimiro’s team, which was losing 18-9 in minute 9, took the lead 27-29.


It was a mirage because they never dominated on the scoreboard again. However, Jasikevicius lost his voice shouting at some more lethargic players than usual, with several singled out including Smits and Davies.

Betis needed the offensive contribution of Evans, his compass in attack. He came to dropper and that was one of the keys to defeat. The base plays almost every minute, but his were eight of the 17 Andalusian losses.


The score reflected a 37-31 in minute 20. Everything was still open. Despite a free throw scored by Laprovittola for a technique to Casimiro, Pasecniks again left the local centers in evidence with two baskets in a row.

Jasikevicius called a timeout and the visitors stopped scoring. That caused the first maximum income of the azulgrana, with a partial of 22-4: 60-39.


The Betis remained six minutes without hitting the hoop. Cvetkovic did. It was already too late. Their lack of aim and his losses condemn them to the bottom of the table.

A triple by Abrines shot the distance up to 81-56 already in the last quarter. Casimiro’s men had to make up the result and they did not succeed. Young Nnaji joined the party.

Data sheet:

83 – Barca (21+16+23+23): Calathes (7), Laprovittola (9), Exum (8), Hayes-Davis (2), Sanli (6) -initial team-, Davies (16), Kuric (5), Sergi Martínez (5), Smits (10 ), Abrines (11), Jokubaitis (2) and Nnaji (2).

63 – Coosur Betis (17+14+8+24): Cvetkovic (5), Leslie (4), Evans (16), Pasecnicks (4), Wiley (10) -initial team-, Burjanadze (-), Almazán (-), Bertans (8), Báez (4) and Brown (12).

Referees: Jordi Aliaga, Luis Miguel Castillo and Yasmina Alcaraz. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Endesa League Matchday 24 match played at the Palau Blaugrana with 5,597 spectators. Before kick-off, a minute’s silence was held in memory of former Barça player Norman Carmichael, who died on March 3, with several of his former teammates gathered in the center circle.