ORn offensive recital of the North American player from UCAM Murcia with up to 27 points makes useless the good image shown by the people of Malaga since the arrival of Ibon Navarro on the bench. Sito Alonso’s team supported the great afternoon by Lima, Davis and Webb III, who continue with a great dynamic of play and results.

Data sheet

  • 87 – Unicaja (30+19+18+20): Alberto Díaz (14), Brizuela (19), Barreiro (3), Abromaitis (14), Guerrero (6) -initial quintet-; Alonso (6), Bouteille (9), Nzosa (0), Mooney (8), Kravic (8) and Cameron Oliver (0).
  • 88 – UCAM Murcia (18+24+21+25): Taylor (10), McFadden (27), Rojas (5), Lima (10), Webb III (14) -initial quintet-, Bellas (2), Davis (11), Radovic (7), Cate (2) and Czerapowicz (0).

Electric and entertaining first quarter shown on the typesetter floor. The start was devastating for Murcia. Unicaja clung to the masterful minutes of Alberto Díaz who put up eight points (9-5). The offensive arsenal of the people of Malaga was not slowed down. On the contrary, very good defenses by Ibon Navarro’s men made the rent begin to rise and rise. A partial of 11-2 left the locals with a 15-7 on the scoreboard. Earlier, a key moment of the game, Alberto Díaz’s second foul at 5:50 of the first quarter. The first complications for those of Navarro, but they were resolved effectively. The man from Malaga had to leave and Matt Mooney entered the court. Again, good minutes from the American player.

The outside success continued to be optimal and Unicaja punished from the outside line. Alonso scored two consecutive triples and a great income for typesetters (24-11). High level scorer who won secondary actors. Unicaja signed its best minutes at Carpena and the public had fun. In those of Sito Alonso, two actions of talent and power by Davis prevented the match from breaking up at least in the first ten minutes (30-15).

The second quarter was started by Doctor Jekyll himself dressed as a Murcian or as Mr. Hyde in a typesetter key. The people from Malaga went from scoring everything, to having problems facing the hoop. David and Radovic led the reaction of the Murcians. To win fifteen points, to begin to suffer. A devastating partial 4-14 made Sito Alonso’s men react. Precisely, the visiting coach saw a technique and the match turned around again. (39-29).

Unicaja recovered feelings and advantage on the scoreboard. Dead time on the track. Carpena got into it fully due to the push of its players. Díaz and Guerrero led the good moment of Ibon Navarro’s men, but McFadden with a new triple, the third in four attempts, closed the gap (41-34). The UCAM saw that it could make blood and keep the rent in line. The people from Malaga entered in moments of doubt and did not see the hoop easily. A triple by Sadiel Rojas put an end to the first half (49-42).

Gunner War: McFadden vs. Brizuela

The third quarter was almost a heads up between Brizuela and McFadden. Both players pulled the offensive cart. Duel to the purest far west. Gunslingers and point makers. The Basque escort started the war, but McFadden responded. (60-56). Darío Brizuela returned to assume gallons. He scored and scored. (65-56) and four minutes ahead. The UCAM read the play well. He increased the defense in the typesetter player and began to suffer facing the rim. Webb began to hurt with five consecutive points and again, a tight score (65-61). Unicaja, without Darío Brizuela on the court, saw how the offensive ideas were short-circuited. Alberto Díaz scratched two free throws, but the partial was devastating 2-7. A good defense by Nzosa prevented the final basket from UCAM Murcia.

Hand to hand. Last room. McFadden started the fourth with a three-pointer and a subsequent basket after stealing by Sadiel Rojas, putting UCAM Murcia ahead (67-68). Alberto Díaz responded in a row. He scored, but saw the technique after the fact. Moments of inaccuracies and little typesetter pájara. A later basket by Kravic put the Malaga team ahead again (71-70). The losses of UCAM Murcia condemned any hint of turning the game around. That and a sensational Alberto Díaz in defense allowed Kravic to crush the hoop in two actions. (75-72) The Carpena activated his throat.

McFadden did not hide. A rectified basket after colliding with Abromaitis put the game in a fist. High voltage. (79-76). Brizuela responded to the call. Leader response and scored for Malaga (81-76).

end of heart attack

Intense match. Titanic fight on every bounce. There UCAM Murcia was still alive. A key factor, as he was going to the 4.60 line with ease. Lima failed both. Oxygen balloon for the people of Malaga. A later steal by Davis was answered with an excellent shot by Abromaitis. Lima tapped and once again left Sito Alonso’s men ahead. Increased income for the two free throws at 1:36 to go (83-86).

Abromaitis put Unicaja within range after scoring the two free throws. A controversial foul in attack by UCAM Murcia allowed the people of Malaga to recover their lives. Missing Guerrero. Two free throws for Marbella. He missed both, but the people from Malaga regained possession after losing number 20 by Sito Alonso’s men. Last possession of the match.

Mooney penetrated but was not successful. The tray went overboard, but Abromaitis was roguish and scored with nine seconds to go. (87-86). Enough time for McFadden to leave the Carpena speechless. Basket made by the North American escort. His pulse did not tremble. Tremendous action of talent and fundamentals. Choff. Matt Mooney tried the heroic, but there was no success (87-88).

Hard setback for Unicaja that seeks to get out of its crisis, the sensations corroborate it, but again it defeats at home. In Murcia, the party continues.

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