ANDhe MoraBanc Andorra got involved in the fight for permanence after beating Hereda San Pablo Burgos 73-71 in extra time on matchday 30 of the Endesa League.

Óscar Quintana’s men match wins and losses with those of Paco Olmos although they do not recover the ‘average’. Those from the Principality, with a good reaction after the restart, managed to force extra time with two points from Franke and later in extra time ‘Tunde’ and Oriol Paulí were decisive. The best of the locals was Miller-McIntyre with 18 points and a PIR of 17.

Hereda San Pablo Burgos proved to have the clearest ideas in the first quarter. In defense he felt comfortable since MoraBanc carried all its game outside and ignored the paint. From the initial 7 to 5 with a triple by ‘Drew’ Crawford, they went on to go from 0 to 14 by Paco Olmos’ men.

The people from Burgos, with more solidity, dominated those from the Principality and a triple by Xavi Rabaseda placed the maximum difference with +12 (7 to 19). Two blocks by Salash on Miller-McIntyre and two points by the North American guard from MoraBanc closed the first quarter with only nine points by Óscar Quintana’s men. In this first quarter the North American made his debut, but international with Israel, TJ Cline on the part of the Andorrans and the North American point guard Anthony Clemmons for the visitors.

MoraBanc continued to be erratic in attack in the second quarter. Good in defense, but without ideas in the offensive game. Hereda San Pablo Burgos’s defense drowned them out, as did the weak shooting percentage from the field with 6 of 22 (27%). Paco Olmos’ men were not playing their best game although the defense was giving them maximum advantages.

The first was +13 for 16-29 after a triple by Tarik Phillip and then +14 (18-32) after a triple by debutant Anthony Clemmons. At the break and after two converted free throws by Jelínek, it was 20 to 32.

After the break, MoraBanc recovered its offensive inspiration and, especially, in two players: Clevin Hannah and Codi Miller-McIntyre. Those of Paco Olmos always had an answer. In fact, Óscar Quintana’s men were unable to go below nine points. First with 30 to 39 and then with 40 to 49. The local points came from the outside with two triples each from Hannah and Miller-McIntyre.

They also scored from the 6.75 line by visitors Eddie, Nikolic and Benite with a triple each. Two points from Alex Renfroe closed the third quarter 42-52, but with a much improved local team in attack where he scored 22 points after nine in the first quarter and 11 in the second.

A 10-3 run by MoraBanc fueled the dream of a comeback with six minutes remaining in the match. Óscar Quintana’s men began the last quarter receiving a triple from Renfroe that was answered with a 3+1 from Franke. Here the local reaction began with the first two points from TJ Cline, two from Jelínek and a mate from Miller-McIntyre brought the Principality team closer to three points (52 to 55).

A three-pointer from Eddie and two points from the same North American player made it 56 to 62. At 1’42”, Hannah scored an encouraging three-pointer (59 to 62) although she had an answer on the other side of the court with one from Tarik Phillip (59 to 65). Desperately, ‘Tunde’ missed a hook and then Miller-McIntyre at 34″4 did hit with a mate for 61-65. A recovery by Oriol Paulí and two points by the Catalan forward put MoraBanc within two points (63 to 65) at 24″7. A loss by Eddie gave MoraBanc the option to force extra time or win the game and Franke scored at the horn of two (65 to 65). One step back and it would have been a triple.

As soon as overtime began, Clevin Hannah was eliminated for his fifth personal foul. Oriol Paulí came to the rescue and a triple of his put the 70 to 69 at 2’39”. At 42″ a loss by Miller-McIntyre served to tie the game against the Burgos with a mate by Eddie (71 to 71). At 17″4, ‘Tunde’ scored for the 73-71 and Hereda San Pablo Burgos had the option to tie, but Landry Nnoko missed twice under the rim.


73- MoraBanc Andorra (9+11+22+23+8): Hannah (13), Oriol Paulí (12), ‘Drew’ Crawford (5), Nacho Llovet (2) and ‘Tunde’ (6) -starting quintet-; Jelínek (7), TJ Cline (2), Moussa Diagne (-), Miller-McIntyre (18), Franke (8) and Víctor Arteaga (-).

71- Inherits San Pablo Burgos (19+13+20+13+6): Renfroe (5), Tarik Phillip (13), Benite (10), Eddie (12) and Nnoko (8) -starting quintet-; Nikolic (5), Xavi Rabaseda (5), Clemmons (8), Salash (5) and Marc García (-).

Referees: Carlos Peruga, Arnau Padrós and Vicente Martínez. Eliminated for five personal fouls Hannah -MoraBanc Andorra-.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 30 of the Endesa League at the Andorra Sports Center with 3,290 spectators.