ORScrubb’s spectacular basket in the last second gave Monbus Obradoiro their first victory of the season in a vibrant duel and in which Joventut, who went from high to low, also had their options until the end. Half a dozen local players reached double the scoring figure in a brilliant choral performance against a “Penya” who squandered her last possession with a loss to Brodziansky, reviewed by the referees on the monitor.

Tomic and Brodziansky dominated the low post at the start and shot the first lead for “Penya” (0-8), splitting the points. It was difficult for Monbus Obradoiro, in tow, to overcome the defense of Carles Durán’s team and he did not find success from the perimeter either. Patiently, he began to reduce distances. The pressure on the ball improved with the presence of Zurbriggen and four points from Ellenson helped to smooth differences (13-14). Brodziansky again showed his class on his return to Santiago and a triple of his closed the first quarter (17-22).

Joventut came out more accurate again, after a 0-6 in a couple of minutes, placed the maximum advantage of the match (17-28). Obradoiro reacted with the second unit and a three-point basket by Beliauskas at the limit of possession opened a carousel of seven triples by Obra, who had missed all his attempts in the first quarter. Despite the superiority in Tomic’s paint, the quality flashes of Paul and Willis and the contribution of Busquets, that success from the perimeter allowed Moncho Fernández’s pupils to reach the intermediate with the score even, after a great play culminated by a very solvent Ellenson (47-47).

A Scrubb shot gave the Compostela team the privilege of being ahead on the scoreboard for the first time (49-47). The reaction of “Penya” had a protagonist: Brandon Paul. He hit three triples in less than four minutes, in addition to his contribution in defense against Robertson, and the gap widened again (56-63). Scrubb -10 points in the quarter- and Ellenson contributed, along with a good job behind the Santiago team, to turn the result around. He did it with two triples from a former Joventut, Álex Suárez (67-65).

An ode to the triple was experienced at the beginning of the last quarter: in just over two minutes, three from Monbus Obradoiro and two from Carles Durán’s team, to whom a technique was pointed out at the end of the third quarter. Everything was open, with intense defenses and brilliance in attack. Brodziansky reappeared and Álvaro Muñoz, lethal, punished “Penya” with his fourth triple in less than six minutes to place the maximum local income (88-81). Brodziansky supported his team and two free throws scored by Ribas placed a new tie going into the final minute (91-91). He missed two personal pitches Álex Suárez and the referees, after seeing a repetition of a defense on Brodziansky on the table, gave the ball to Obradoiro with 19 seconds remaining. And Scrubb, on the final honk and despite Ribas’s opposition, decided the match with a basket with almost no angle.

Data sheet:

93 Monbus Obradoiro (17 + 30 + 23 + 23): Hobbs (11), Robertson (10), Scrubb (12), Álex Suárez (9) and Ellenson (17); Filipovity (2), Zurbriggen (1), Okouo (0), Muñoz (15), Beliauskas (12) and Birutis (4).

91 Joventut (22 + 25 + 22 + 22): Vives (9), Ribas (9), Parra (4), Brodziansky (18) and Tomic (11); Paul (17), Ventura (5), Willis (9), Feliz (4), Busquets (5) and Maronka.

Referees: Calatrava, Caballero and Lucas.

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