Rudy fernandez, captain of the world champion Spain in 2019, has been the great star of the ceremony to draw the groups of the first qualifying phase for the 2023 World Cup, in which he has opened the balls with the names of the 80 participating teams. Rudy has assured that “Playing for the National Team and representing my country is very special, beyond the titles you can win”.

Rudy Fernández highlighted the gold won by Spain in the 2019 World Cup and stressed that “It is an honor to participate in this ceremony, in the same way that it is to represent my country in the National Team, to have the support of all the fans, and in recent years also as captain”. Rudy recalled that in his first World Cup, in 2006, he was a partner of his now president, Jorge Garbajosa, and has ensured that “For me the National Team is a family, and for me, who have played many tournaments and competitions, being with the family, representing my country and competing with friends and great colleagues, is very special even beyond the titles you can win”.

In Asia there are great national teams, high-level teams – he also commented before entering the draw for the Asia-Oceania area. Japan had a hard time beating them at the Games, and two years ago the semifinal against Australia, with two extra time … Then nobody gave us as favorites but we were the champions”.

Garbajosa: “Las Ventanas are a basketball hit”

The president of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa, has highlighted that the qualifying windows for the World Cup “they have been in the championship for more than fifteen or seventeen days, there are two years of games, all of them very important, because it is important to qualify for a World Cup. A great experience for the National Teams, the players, the coaches and the fans, who have the opportunity to support their team at home in official matches, which is a basketball success”.