ANDhe Lenovo Tenerife achieved victory over Gran Canaria in the first Canarian derby of the season (98-89) in a highly equal and highly contested duel between two teams that put on a great show on the pitch.

The two teams emptied themselves and made an audience that filled the lagoon enclosure and that, without a doubt, enjoyed a duel with many alternatives and that did not finish deciding until the last moments.

It was Gio Shermadini who gave the final touch in the crash. The Georgian player took advantage of the assists that Marcelinho Huertas and Fitipaldo gave him to finish deciding the clash for his team in a final quarter that was especially conspicuous for his wear and tear.

But before this last quarter marked by the contribution of Huertas and Shermadini, we must highlight the choral work of the whole group and the “presence” finally in attack of a player who had been waiting for him for a long time. Aaron Doornekamp, ??with 12 points (four three-point baskets) was another of the stars of the clash.

In Gran Canaria, who played at an excellent level despite the absences of Albicy and Nico Brussino, two important men in the rotations, we must mention the great work of their exteriors Ennis, Slaughter and Kramer, as well as a last quarter of Shurna that had the local defense in check.

Very intense first half between two teams trying to find their place on the pitch. Initially, the Gran Canaria team managed to find a hole in the inner game, while the aurinegros were more successful from the outside.

Ilimane Diop began to do damage inside the zone together with the contribution of Slaughter took the first advantages, small but that could be important (3-8, min.4).

Lenovo Tenerife, who couldn’t find a place to play inside the zone, was right from the outside and their first nine points were triples – Wiltjer, Sastre and Fitipaldo – to put the score at 9-10.

The two coaches were adjusting their players with changes in search of stopping the areas where the rival was doing damage. The truth is that these changes initially favored Lenovo Tenerife which, thanks to its exterior successes – ten triples in the first two quarters – managed to take differences that reached up to twelve points (38-26) in the 14th minute of the game.

The Gran Canaria did not break down. His inner game was under control and Slaughter and Ennis began to do damage from the outside. The break was tied at 48 points with 17 points scored by Slaughter, decisive in the visiting team.

After the break, Gran Canaria took advantage again (51-56). They controlled the inside game and that allowed them to stay in front for at least a few minutes until Tenerife began to calm down their game.

A 66-67 at the beginning of the last quarter would be exciting. Two triples in a row by Salin made it 75-70 and it was the start of the decisive reaction from Tenerife.

Shurna threw the team behind him, supported by Ennis and Kramer (79-79), until the Huertas-Shermadini couple started working. First a triple of

Doornekamp (82-79) to continue with the show of the pivot who has regained the rhythm of the game that his team needed.

In the end, 98-89 a wide difference due to the merit of the two teams that gave themselves on the field to offer a very attractive duel, one of the best derbies seen in Santiago Martín.

– Data sheet:

98 – Lenovo Tenerife (23 + 25 + 18 + 32): Fitipaldo (12), Salin (12), Doornekamp (12), Wiltjer (12), Guerra (2) -initial-, Huertas (10), Sulejmanovic (4), Rodríguez (1), Sastre (8), Shermadini ( 25) and Borg (-).

89 – Gran Canaria (21 + 27 + 19 + 22): Kramer (9), Slaughter (20), Ennis (12), Ilimane Diop (8), Pustovyi (8) -initial-, Salvo (5), Stevic (6), López (-), Khalifa Diop (2) and Shurna (19).

Referees: Pérez Pérez, Castillo and Fernández. They indicated technique to Gran Canaria coach, Porfirio Fisac ??(min.15) and Lenovo Tenerife coach, Txus Vidorreta (min.27), and a second technique to Fisac ??(min.30), for which he was disqualified.

Incidents: match played at the Santiago Martín Sports Pavilion. Lenovo Tenerife dressed in green in support of La Palma. Before the start of the clash, former La Palma players who were members of CB Canarias received an exciting recognition from the fans. The former players carried a banner in support of the “Isla Bonita”.