TI am repairing the genealogical tree of the last youth squad that has debuted with the UCAM Murcia on the Endesa League we will come to one of the most important political figures of the 20th century: Sir Winston Churchill. Noah, a young base of 18 years and 1.96 meters, is a descendant of the one who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom between 1940-45 and 1951-55, one of the great leaders in the Second World War And till Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953.

“My last name is not the first thing that comes up in a conversation, but When I tell it, there are many people who think I’m kidding them. They tell me it’s a lie. They think I’m joking and they don’t end up believing it “, says Noah in statements to MARCA.

My father is an electrician and my mother’s only relationship with politics is her last name. We are very normal people

Noah Churchill, UCAM Murcia base

Watching his debut in front of the Coosur Real Betis it was hard to see. On his shirt with the number 46 appeared his second last name, Sorensen. UCAM Murcia had numerous casualties and he entered the call at the last minute and in a hurry … “I found out that I was going to travel only four hours before leaving. I wanted to put Churchill on the shirt, but the delegate put Sorensen on it and he stayed that way. “In the official statistics, however, it does appear well.

The young man was born in the Danish town of Aarhus. His grandmother, related to the legendary politician, emigrated to Denmark when he was 16 years old. There he grew up and raised a family that has little to do with that British Prime Minister: “My father is an electrician and my mother’s only relationship with politics is through his surname. We are very normal people. “

Illustrious premieres: also Antetokounmpo’s brother

The flourishing UCAM Murcia quarry had a great day. In addition to Noah Churchill, Ismael Corraliza and another player with an illustrious surname made their debut in the ACB: Alexandros Antetokounmpo, brother of the Bucks forward. The presence of Sito Alonso, a specialist in polishing talents, is noticeable.

Noah was born 38 years after Winston died, but it is impossible to abstract from his extraordinary figure. “Of course I know his story and what he did. I have seen many movies and we have given it at school, but I am not a scholar about it. It’s just something that runs in the family and that makes you feel proud, but nothing more, “he considers.

Of course I know the story of Winston Churchill and what he did. I have seen many movies and we have given it at school

Noah Churchill, UCAM Murcia base

With origins in two countries with little basketball tradition, Noah started playing when he was four years old. His father, whose injuries cut his professional career, and his older brother formed a club. They asked the little boy if he wanted to sign up and his passion was born. Last summer the interest of UCAM Murcia arose to incorporate him to the quarry. After conversations between the club and his father, he moved to the city that his historical ancestor had already visited in the 1950s.

Churchill loves the plasticity of Michael Jordan. It is the closest thing to an idol that he has had, although he affirms that he likes more “to play than to look at others”. Is considered “a good shooter who can do many things in attack and create game” and he recognizes that he must take “a step forward in defense. I am improving.”

On Thursday, taking advantage of the absences and the wide advantage on the scoreboard (55-84), Noah made his debut in the Endesa League. “When I left my heart was at a hundred an hour”, recognizes the point guard, who played the last 50 seconds and missed the only shot he tried. “It was exciting to debut. Hopefully it will be the first of many games in this category,” he hopes. As Winston Churchill said, it can offer “blood, effort, tears and sweat”.

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