A total of 28 were the projects that started the LEB Plata League last October, being aware that their chances of promotion at that time were only 11%.

Insufficient figures for the main candidates to win one of the three places, but they shot up to 14% when 14 of them entered the Playoffs in which the options were reduced to just two places after the rise of the Group Cantabria claims as league champion.

Quite a challenge along the longest possible path, but that four survivors have known how to conquer to the point of being able to reach the most decisive weekend of the season with everything in their hands. A cast of veterans and novices who will depend solely on themselves to be able to reach the LEB Gold League.

Bueno Arenas Albacete, a motivation in crescendo:

They started the season with the priority objective of being able to tie up the permanence as soon as possible and that, from that moment, it was their own work that determined the limits of the team. A philosophy that led David Varela’s men to act as the “silent candidate” of an Eastern Conference in which the people of La Mancha did not stop growing while Sant Antoni Ibiza and Mi Arquitecto Benicarló fought for leadership. Because, while the focus pointed to others, David Valera was able to strengthen a fair squad of troops (9), but that began to function as a real team on the tracks. Thus, the people of La Mancha were able to take advantage of the inertia of El Parque to reach the leadership of their conference and thus be able to dispute a first Final for promotion in which, however, they came out cross.

Despite this, the seed of hope had already begun to germinate inside a locker room that was able to get up to overcome a demanding round in Melilla before starting the final assault against Valencia Basket, which they will host with a single point disadvantage. Will it be enough for the LEB Oro to arrive in Albacete next season for the first time in its history?

Valencia Basket, with the illusion as a competitive guarantee:

Who would have said, just a handful of weeks ago, that the bottom player in the Eastern Conference would end up with promotion to a LEB Gold League for which they would depend solely on themselves. Quite an award for the work of a young squad that Xavi Albert has been able to lead with the necessary patience to extract the best from each one of his men. Especially since the injuries of the first team and the subsidiary itself went into the background to give all the prominence to daily work. And it is that it was then that the taronjas began a qualifying climb that took them from the last place in the table to the Playoffs for promotion.

Already in the final phase, the absence of pressure has been the best competitive guarantee for a team full of enthusiasm and that has known how to stand up to rivals as powerful as a Tizona Burgos configured for promotion and who they eliminated after passing through El Plantío . Zamora would be their next stop again with home court factor against them and just before reaching the semi-finals in which they came to dominate their first round against Bueno Arenas Albacete who managed to reduce the Valencian lead to a single point. Will history repeat itself away from home for the third consecutive round, thus conquering promotion?

He inherits Ourense, a self-imposed pressure due to its own history

They managed to gain promotion to the Endesa League just a few years ago at the hands of Gonzalo García de Vitoria before falling to a LEB Plata League that few could have expected in Ourense. But the experience of the loss of category was not going to be new this year for a Hereda Ourense that had to recompose itself a decade ago and that at no time has wanted to hide its intentions in a League that has not been, far from it, a path of roses for them To such an extent that the Galicians even looked for a shock with a change of coach a few days before the end of the Regular League with which to try until the end.

Despite this, the arrival of Guillermo Arenas was not enough when it came to neutralizing the Torrelaveguense champion, thus sending the Galicians to the long road, some Playoffs that faced strong heads and without fissures in their game. Because that was the only way they were going to be able to overcome a first round in which they unhurriedly beat Recambios Gaudí Mollet before facing off with a Reina Yogurt Clavijo that took the Ourenses to the limit to be able to reach the semifinals. Now, with EnerParking Navarra as a rival and after having garnered 8 rental points in the first leg, the dream/obligation of return seems a little closer for the historic COB.

EnerParking Navarra, to war with absolutely nothing to lose

They came to enjoy the LEB Oro League a decade ago, but the reality in Pamplona today is somewhat more modest than it was back then. Despite this, the team from Pamplona is completing one of those seasons that helps restore enthusiasm among the fans and that will surely translate into an increase in economic and social support. Because that is how the players of a Jordi Juste who will travel to Ourense with nothing to lose and willing to destroy the dream of the man who has probably been the main favorite for promotion throughout the course have earned it on the track.

Their main stumbling block, beyond the environmental factor against them, will be in the 8 points they will have to raise in order to qualify for the final victory. To do this, the people from Pamplona will have to resort to the best defensive and offensive versions, those that were decisive in eliminating an entire LEB Plata Cup champion like Zornotza ST and that were well worth their presence in the final round. Because, at this point, in Pamplona they will leave their skin on the track during the 40 minutes to be able to opt for a promotion that would take the city and the entity back to the maximum LEB competition.