ANDhe Breogán River counteracted the speed of BAXI Manresa, who couldn’t with the collective play of the Lugo team, led by Mahalbasic (29 PIR), mainly, and Musa, and the sixth player, Pazo dos Deportes de Lugo. The Galicians brought their rival down from the cloud, who had the possibility of placing second in the Endesa League (98-94).

Two days after reaching the final four of the Champions League, Manresa could not beat the Lugo players, who are reluctant to give up their dream of the playoff for the title. In the last minute, Maye, who had scored an excellent three-pointer, missed two of his three free throws to tie the game and the hosts celebrated their fourteenth win.

Manresa already made it clear in the first quarter what it is. A team of dizzying attacks and in a moment of very high confidence. He started with three triples, two of them from Dani Pérez. The Breogán withstood the thrust of the motorcycles from Manresa as best it could. Veljko Mrsic, on the local bench, was angry with the facilities that his team were giving.

Thomasson and Sylvain Francisco also hit from 6.75 to put the visitors up nine (12-21, m.6). The locals responded with the contribution of Mahalbasic and Lukovic to get to four (20-24, m.8), but again Manresa went to eight.

A bad support from Vaulet when defending Breogán’s last attack in the first quarter forced him to stop. With six out of twelve triples, the Manresans concluded those initial ten minutes with a lead of five points (27-32).

Manresa’s percentage of three worsened in the second. The Breogán improved its defense. Erik Quintela was a gladiator. The Lugo residents did not let go. They got to two (39-41 m.16). Vaulet made the attempt to return but could not.

A consecutive triple by Bell-Haynes and another by Musa put the Lugo team ahead for the first time after 17 minutes (45-44). He also added another Kalinoski to respond to an earlier one from Valtonen. The success of the locals had arrived. Kalinoski, again from 6.75, placed the sky-blue four up (53-49, m.19).

The Manresans went into the break with fifteen points less in the second quarter than in the first and, back on track, Breogán started more in tune and managed to open a gap of nine (59-50, m.22).

A three-pointer by Valtonen after two minutes that was almost off and a technique recovered Pedro Martínez’s men, who came within two (64-62, m.26). The gap was stretched to six before the last quarter (74-68) after an even period (21-19).

The launches of three did not enter the visitors at the beginning of that act. Yes, one from Kacinas to put the Lugo team up eight (80-72, m.33), who dominated the rebound.

Manresa did not stop believing. Thomasson fed with a triple (80-75, m.34) that faith, also Dani Pérez (82-78, m.35), Francisco (84-81, m.36) and again Pérez (87-84, m.35). 36). Breogán kept the type as he could. Thomasson put the Catalans to one (87-86, m.37). Mrsic stopped the match.

A mistake by Lukovic in free practice and two scored by Bako equalized the score at 2:34 (90-90). The Breogan resisted. A foul by Maye in attack gave the team from Lugo a break, who got a lead of four (94-90, at 1:11) with Musa successful and intelligent at a decisive moment.

Maye, with a three-pointer, pressed when the game entered the last minute. Lukovic gave up a free kick again. And the key play: Mahalbasic foul (13 points, 10 assists, 8 rebounds) and three shots for Maye to tie. The last two failed. Musa was right and the victory remained in the Pazo.

Data sheet:

98-Breogán River (27+26+21+24): Bell-Haynes (12), Kalinoski (13), Musa (18), Lukovic (17), Sakho (5) -starting five- Mahalbasic (13), Sergi Quintela (2), Erik Quintela (3), Iván Cruz ( 12), Kacinas (3).

94-BAXI Manresa (32+17+19+26): Moneke (8), Valtonen (15), Bako (4), Thomasson (18), Dani Pérez (17) -starting five- Maye (7), Sima (12), Sylvain Francisco (9), Vaulet (2), Steinbergs (-), Martinez (2).

Referees: Carlos Cortes, Esperanza Mendoza and Hector Baez.

Incidents: Match of the nineteenth day of the Endesa League played at the Pazo dos Deportes de Lugo before some 5,000 fans.