NNew defeat for Unicaja in a clash of ups and downs for both teams. 72-73 and two proper names on the track. Fontecchio, with 30 points for the Spahija team, and Brizuela, with 21, for the Los Guindos team. Unicaja complicates Europe and Baskonia makes a direct run to the playoffs for the Endesa League title.

Baskonia started the game with a 0-7 run thanks to goals from Fontecchio and Peters. The people of Malaga did not get off to a good start. Fontecchio continued with his particular walk on the track, while in Los Guindos only Brizuela reacted. The ‘mamba’ was the only one who pulled the car in Ibón Navarro’s team, which was celebrating his birthday today. Those from Carpena managed to stabilize the situation, who were down on the scoreboard (12-25).

Jaime Fernández commanded the typesetter reaction at the beginning of the second quarter. The man from Madrid caused an eight-nil run that forced the Baskonia bench to request time-out. Wetzell and his inside game put an end to the local good streak. Cameron Oliver joined Brizuela and Fernández’s party to end up turning the electronic. Unicaja continued to launch, with Alberto Díaz also adding points in the final stretch of the second quarter. The players went to the locker room tunnel with 40-35 in the balance.

Unicaja returned to sleep on the track and Baskonia did not miss the opportunity. A partial from five to fifteen that turned the scoreboard around again. Fontecchio was the best of the Basque team. Kravic and Bouteille appeared to match forces again. The game was very even and every action under the boards counted. The third act closed with a mate by Yannick Nzosa, protagonist of the NBA draft this week, which left the game 55-61 for Baskonia.

The defenses were protagonists in the last quarter. Arriving at the equator of the last leg of the match, Kravic and Oliver put the balance in peace. Baskonia took advantage of Unicaja’s turnovers and the people from Malaga shot with genius from the 6.75 line. Last minutes and 65-65 in the electronic. The game was beautiful with both teams making gum on the scoreboard. If Unicaja scored a triple, Baskonia responded and vice versa. Baldwin tapped a pitch and made things difficult. Unicaja had the last possession, but Brizuela was unable to score and the match ended 72-73.

Data sheet:

72- Unibox (12+28+15+17), Alberto Díaz (7), Brizuela (21), Bouteille (10), Kravic (8), Oliver (11) – starting five- Saint-Supery (0), Jaime Fernández (11), Barreiro (0), Mooney (0 ), Guerrero (2), Nzosa (2).

73- Bitci Baskonia (25+10+26+12): Baldwin (9), Giedraitis (5), Fontecchio (30), Enoch (11), Peters (8)- starting five – Granger (0), Wetzell (6), Marinkovic (0), Costello (4).

Referees: Antonio Conde, Sergio Manuel and Cristobal Sanchez.

Incidents: Matchday 31 of the Endesa League, played at the José María Martín Carpena Pavilion before 4,173 spectators.

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