CFive months later, Fuenlabrada closed the wound of their defeat in Murcia, their worst game of the season, winning 105-95 against UCAM to rearm their morale, come out of relegation and cancel a five-game losing streak, in a hectic duel that elevated to Kyle Alexander, with 30 points.

The defeat in the first round (99-76) and the terrible image that a disciplinary file brought to all those who participated were forgotten this Saturday, when Fuenlabrada found that competitive character that it had lacked, against a UCAM that is one of the sensations of this season and ended dislocated.

Not only the 30 points and 9 rebounds of Canadian center Kyle Alexander, but also the good rebounding of the locals (40-31), his great success on three-pointers (8 of 21, 38%) and his ability to recover despite the many swings of the duel, a festival of losses (15-14) in which the Georgian-American Thad McFadden, with 6 triples from 10 attempts (21 points) threatened the local victory.

A victory from Fuenlabrada that could not have started worse, because UCAM came out overwhelming, scoring easily with Isaiah Taylor, Jordan Davis received an unsportsmanlike advantage that Augusto Lima took advantage of, and again the American scored for a 0-8 in just 64 seconds.

Josep María Raventós saved it to remind his team that they had to defend: they improved, although Lima continued doing his thing hanging from the basket. Ziga Samar and Obi Emegano recovered Urbas’s attack and Kwan Cheatham completed the flip (15-14, min. 5). Sito Alonso took out the shooters McFadden and Kostas Vasileiadis, but ‘Fuenla’ was already running to close the first lead (20-17).

The local flood continued (28-19) and Sito had to use a timeout. Sadiel Rojas took command of UCAM stealing and scoring until he had to go to the bench with three fouls. This time yes, the locals went 10 with five free throws (34-24, min. 14). Alonso rethought the game with the little ones (Davis, Taylor, Bellas) and cut the difference almost completely at halftime (40-38).

It didn’t take two minutes for Urbas to recover his rent, and all thanks to one name: Kyle Alexander, who, between rebounding and taking advantage of being ‘floated’ by the rival defenders, took two baskets and a triple of 11-2 with which the locals returned from the break (51-40, min. 23). But UCAM did not give up, they kept rowing -even with the fourth fouls by Rojas, for ‘flopping’, and Webb- to reach the final set at one point due to a triple by McFadden (64-63).

The American shooter hit again, not once but twice, to send UCAM to victory (69-73, min. 33). Raventós called his men, who began to defend and run: first Alexander and Leo Meindl, then the Canadian alone put Fernando Martín on his feet while UCAM were denied the triples (87-78, min. 36).

Alexander’s numbers went to infinity when ‘Fuenla’ already exceeded 100 points, while Rojas was the image of Murcia’s desperation, faced with the entire flag after committing the fifth foul. 105-95 closed the local celebration, which is temporarily out of relegation and will have a week to savor the victory before visiting Real Madrid, while in just four days UCAM will host Breogán.

Data sheet:

105 – Urbas Fuenlabrada (20+20+24+41): Samar (4), Emegano (16), Meindl (12), Cheatham (16), Ristic (6) -starting five-, Novak (9), Alexander (30), Milosavljevic (8), López (4), Eyenga , Fernandez and Gonzalez.

95 – UCAM Murcia (17+21+25+32): Taylor (17), Davis (6), Rojas (11), Webb (13), Lima (11) -starting five-, Cate (5), Bellas (2), McFadden (21), Radovic (6), Vasileiadis (3) and Malmanis.

Referees: Daniel Hierrezuelo, Alberto Sánchez Sixto and Esperanza Mendoza. Eliminated by five personal fouls were visitors James Webb III (min. 37) and Sadiel Rojas (min. 38).

Incidents: match of the twenty-fifth day of the Endesa League played at the Fernando Martín Pavilion in Fuenlabrada before 4,487 spectators.

Before the start of the game, a minute’s silence was observed in memory of Antonio Novoa, first president of the ACB, who died this Saturday.