ANDhe Lenovo Tenerife carried out this Saturday its postponed match of matchday 26 against a combative UCAM Murcia (85-78) in a tough, hard duel that decided in the last quarter because it was the team that made the fewest mistakes.

Marcelinho Huertas was the main protagonist in the Santiago Martín Sports Pavilion. The Brazilian point guard was the player who unblocked his team when it was most needed in a clash where many mistakes were made by both teams.

UCAM Murcia, very intense for many minutes, paid in the final moments for the effort of the first three quarters and had to surrender to a Lenovo Tenerife that had fewer errors in these last ten minutes and that extended its good game streak for another week and results.

The initial dominance was for the Murcian team that knew how to defend with much more intensity and above all it was clear where it had to pay more attention behind. It was difficult for Gio Shermadini to receive balls, while on the outside the local players did not find good positions to shoot and when they did they were not right.

The team that Sito Alonso prepares was very clear about their role, but this time the Lenovo Tenerife defense “helped” him, which was not at the expected level. Electric and very vertical attacks by UCAM Murcia and advantages that reached eight points in the 6th minute of the game (12-20).

Marcelinho Huertas was the only one who found the basket easily. Faced with the impossibility of distributing to his teammates, the point guard tried and managed to score and thus keep his team in the game against an opponent who defended well, ran successfully and scored.

Gio Shermadini, at the start of the second quarter, managed to equalize the match (26-26) and another basket of his would put the 26-28 and Lenovo Tenerife ahead for the first time. But this joy would not last long. Triple by Pacheco (28-29) and again UCAM Murcia controlling the match and the scoreboard.

The visiting team did not slow down the defensive rhythm and that took Lenovo Tenerife to the limit and to shoot for the basket in forced positions. Huertas, again, came to the rescue. From 35-40 for UCAM Murcia it went to 40-42 with which the break was reached.

In the second part, more of the same. A UCAM Murcia very intense in defense stood up to a Lenovo Tenerife who was trying to find his success to break the crash.

The differences in this room were minimal. With 63-61 the last ten minutes were reached and the Murcian threatened to escape at 35 with a 67-63 in their favor after a poor 4-2 run in five minutes. And it is that the errors on the part of both teams were continuous in a duel that was yet to be decided.

It would be the serenity and experience of Marcelinho Huertas that would give that definitive push to the local team to win the match, accompanied by an important triple by Cavanaugh and the success of Fitipaldo’s free kick. Tenerife ended up adding a valuable victory that keeps them in fourth position in the table.

85 – Lenovo Tenerife (23 + 17 + 23 + 22). Fitipaldo (12), Salin (5), Sergio Rodríguez (3), Cavanaugh (11), Shermadini (14) -initial-, Huertas (26), Doornekamp (9), Guerra (-), Sulejmanovic (2) and Yusta (3)

UCAM Murcia 78 (26 + 16 + 19 + 17). Bellas (4), Strawberry (11), Webb III (9), Rojas (8), Lima (8) -initial-, Davis (11), Radovic (15), Jok (6), Cate (1) and Pacheco (5).

Referees: Hierrezuelo, Arañay Alcaraz. They pointed a technique to Sito Alonso, UCAM Murcia coach, for protesting (min.19). Eliminated by fouls Web III (min.37) and Rojas (min.40).

Incidents: Postponed match of matchday 26 played behind closed doors at the Santiago Martín Sports Pavilion.

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