Paul Lasso I had already warned before the match that the match of the MoraBanc it was very dangerous. The Real Madrid He came from winning after two extensions Monaco 48 hours before and paid for the effort. Without ideas and without legs (gave Llull and Rudy a break and Yabusele barely played), the whites succumbed to a great Andorra (83-88)that on the back of a Miller-McIntyre superlative (28+7+8) took the WiZink Center with all deserved.


The Andorrans came from breaking a streak of seven consecutive defeats between League and Eurocupwith a new coach, Davis Eudaland many injured (Tyson Perez, Davis Jelinek, Conor Morgan and Gael Mekel), but they made up for it with energy and a very good game. His technician said that they traveled to the capital to try to prevent Madrid from having a great day. And they did. big time

Andorra looked the leader in the face and competed face to face

They competed one on one with the leader in the rebound (31-30)they surpassed him in assists (10-15) very judicious in attack always looking for the best option, almost always within the zone (20/35 t2)almost always imposed their ‘one on one’ game and in the final moments, when Madrid pressed looking for the miracle, they never lost their composure.


Miller-McIntyre was the visible face of the triumph of the Andorrans, where they also shone Olumuyiwa (14) and Crawford (15). From the first quarter it was clear that they had not come for tourism. Not much less. With patience and a lot of offensive criteria with Miller-McIntyre distributing gamepresented their credentials (21-18, min 10). A meager home advantage thanks to inspiration from Randolphwhich compensated for the lack of skill without his team (1/7 t3).

Causeur, Deck and Thompkins lead the reaction

In the second act, with a total change of quintet, Madrid seemed to react from the defense and with Causeur, Deck and Thompkins reinvigorating his sloppy attack, but the MoraBancwith its star well seconded by Olumuyiuwa and Nakicnever lost its wake (42-38, min 20).

recurred lasso after the break to Yabusele, one of the heroes of Monaco, but the Frenchman was not the panacea this time. Andorra, with Disheveled Miller-McIntyre and triples of Crawford and Diagne, endorsed the leader partial 6-17 (48-53, min 25).


Olumuyiwa established the maximum income for Andorrans at the beginning of the last act (62-72, min 32). The surprise began to take shape, although Causeur and Deck they led a rush of whites almost desperately (73-77, min 36). But the late reaction of the leader did not crystallize because his rival’s legs never shook.

a triple of Crawford seemed to sentence (75-84, min 38). But Madrid appealed to the epic and looked for another miracle with the triples by Heurtel and Causeur (81-84, 43 seconds from the end). Until then his dream lasted, because McIntyre took advantage of a block to face Tavaresdance with his speed and sentence 23 seconds from the end (81-86).

Data sheet:

83-Real Madrid (21+21+20+21): Heurtel (12), Taylor (-), Abalde (5), Randolph (13) and Tavares (8) -initial team-, Causeur (16), Poirier (2), Deck (15), Alocén (1), Thompkins (8) and Yabusele (3).

88 – MoraBanc Andorra (18+20+30+20): Miller-McIntyre (28), Nakic (8), Paulí (2), Llovet (4) and ‘Tunde’ (14) -starting quintet- Crawford (15), Colom (-), Arteaga (4) and Diagne (13 ).

Referees: Carlos Peruga, Rubén Sánchez Mohedas and Vicente Martínez Silla. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match played at the WiZink Center in Madrid before 3,579 spectators. A minute of silence was observed in memory of former Puerto Rican player Juan Ramón “Johnny” Báez, who played for Real Madrid for three seasons.