ANDhe Río Breogán showed that he believes in the dream of playing in the Copa del Rey, in the possibility of making history, and caresses the ticket to the competition to be held in Granada after having been reunited with victory (89-83) against a rival direct, the Bitci Baskonia, which has complicated the classification for that tournament.

Data sheet

  • 89-Río Breogán (19+31+19+20): Bell-Haynes (7), Musa (26), Lukovic (4), Mahalbasic (14), Sergi Quintela (5) -initial five- Kalinoski (15), Sakho (2), Erik Quintela (2), Iván Cruz (11), Kacinas (3).
  • 83-Bitci Baskonia (24+23+15+21): Baldwin (15), Granger (12), Enoch (9), Peters (17), Giedraitis (4) -initial five- Costello (10), Fontecchio (6 ), Kurucs (7), Sedekerskis (3).

A victory on Sunday in the Galician derby against Monbus Obradoiro would mathematically give the breoganistas the classification, but they also have it in their hands with a defeat because Baskonia would have to overcome 61 basketaverage points to be able to overtake them in the classification.

The crazy minutes that the match had, with the Bosnian Dzanan Musa once again as a beacon for the Lugo team (26 points, PIR of 36), favored Breogán, who took advantage of a bad end to the third quarter and also of a gray start of the last of his adversary to advance towards the double objective of permanence and the Cup.

To confirm his presence in a competition to which, in theory, the recently promoted Endesa League player was not invited, he has the Galician derby ahead of him with Monbus Obradoiro in Santiago de Compostela, while Baskonia will play their last chances against he Inherits Saint Paul.

Breogán started with six points from Mahalbasic, but Baskonia responded with triples from Granger, who also scored two, and from Peters to take the lead (6-8, m.3). Right away they went seven up (8-15, m.5) with another shot by Baldwin from 6.75.

The Lugo natives also neutralized that first gap with triples, mainly those by Kalinoski, Musa and Iván Cruz (19-19, m.9), but another by Baldwin left the Vitorians’ lead in the first quarter at five (19-24 ).

The second started in the same way, in this case with the success of Fontecchio to put the maximum lead up to then for Baskonia (19-27), but Breogán, in tow, narrowed the distance again (24-27, m. 12) in a round trip that again placed the visitors at seven (28-35, m.14), and again the locals at two (35-37, m.15) with Musa as a reference.

The Bosnian international, to the chant of MVP at the Pazo, completed the comeback (41-40, m.17), already with 16 points at that point in the game. The match, wild, came to rest with the Galicians in front (50-47).

Breogán had a blackout in attack of almost three minutes around the break, until Musa, attentive, stole and scored. The command on the scoreboard passed to Baskonia’s side. Granger caught the wave and opened a low four-point lead, but Enoch conceded the third foul. More minutes unleashed, with success and folly, and once again the Lugo players were ahead (63-61, m.28).

Three points, all from free throws, in the last four minutes of the third period, stopped the Basques. The Galicians, with the contribution of Iván Cruz and a shot of two by Bell-Haynes at the buzzer, entered the last quarter seven up (69-62).

The locals, with calmer nerves, led the victory with a thirteen-point lead with just over six minutes to go (78-65).

Baskonia pressed in the final stretch of the match and had the option of getting to four with a triple by Peters (84-76, m.38) that did not enter. Costello and Baldwin gave him emotion with effectiveness in free throws (85-80, m.39), but a recovery by Musa stopped the Vitorians and the Lugo people celebrated a victory that brought them closer to the dream of the Cup.