ANDhe Río Breogán returned to the competition as it had left when the covid-19 stopped him in mid-November: in shape to score the sixth victory of the season, the fifth on his court, against a Morabanc Andorra who accused the fatigue of being in two competitions and that he yielded in a Pazo de los Deportes that satiated his hunger for basketball.

The offensive rebounds that gave Lugo second chances, the performances of Dzanan Musa (26 points and a PIR of 28) and Iván Cruz and the Andorran’s own mistakes, declined the balance in favor of Paco Olmos’s.

The Breogán restarted after almost a month of hiatus (Covid, FIBA ??window and postponement of the match with Bilbao Basket) with a 4-0 in the first bars of the match with the Andorrans, who for more than six minutes only found success in the wrist by McIntyre.

The people of Lugo knew that one of the keys was in the rebound and they dominated it. Mahalbasic did damage to the paint and Breogán opened a difference of six points (9-3, m.5) in a first quarter of little success by both teams and with several fouls in attack, especially in Lugo, as two that Llovet got from Mahalbasic.

The two teams stayed thick until Dzanan Musa linked two triples to put it 16-9 on the scoreboard with just under two minutes to go in the first quarter, hitherto short on points.

He was ‘made up’ by two pitches of three, one by Morgan and the other, on the horn of possession, by Kalinoski, and a foul by the Ohio player to Crawford at 2 tenths (19-14).

Víctor Arteaga, who trained with Breogán in the summer, opened the second quarter (19-16) and the rotation of Ibon Navarro’s team, with the contribution of Pauli and Morgan put MoraBanc (24-23, m.14) to a point ), but the people of Lugo, with good pick and roll actions, returned to seven (36-29, m.18), although they wasted the possibility of moving away.

Before the break and with little news from Hannah (2 points), the visitors reacted with the awakening of Nakic and a 2 + 1 from Arteaga, which marked a great period on a personal level (7 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist). They tightened the score (36-34, m.19) and in the intermission the Andorrans lost by four (38-34).

With a 0-5 run and a triple by Hannah, MoraBanc got one (40-39, m.22) in the locker room return, but Breogán gave him the reply and with a 10-0 he achieved his maximum advantage until then (50-39, m.24), signed with a mate from Musa for the contest. The streak was cut by Hannah from 6.75, the same distance since Musa returned to convert with a great launch.

Breogán came to be twelve up (56-44, m.26), but even without getting into rhythm, the Andorrans were still alive (58-53, m.29) and reached the last quarter eight down.

As in the previous half hour, those of the Principality did not end up feeling comfortable, with losses and errors, unable to win the battle for the rebound, circumstances that made them arrive without victory options at the last moments, although they tried with an impulse final that brought them closer to six points (76-70) with two minutes to go.

Data sheet

83 – Breogán River (19 + 19 + 23 + 22): Trae Bell-Haynes (12), Musa (26), Lukovic (6), Mahalbasic (11), Sergi Quintela (2) -starting five- Kalinoski (5), Sakho (3), Erik Quintela (2), Iván Cruz (14) and Kacinas (2).

74 – MoraBanc Andorra (14 + 20 + 19 + 21): Miller-McIntyre (16), Hannah (11), Nova (-), Nakic (11), Olumuyiwa (-) -starting five- Llovet (4), Crawford (5), Pauli (4), Morgan (8), Arteaga (11) and Mekel (4).

Referees: Miguel Ángel Pérez Pérez, Rubén Sánchez Mohedas and Yasmina Alcaraz. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match of the thirteenth day of the Endesa League played at the Pazo dos Deportes in Lugo before some 4,000 fans. A minute of silence was observed by businessman José Antonio Grandío, benefactor of Breogán.