ANDhe Real Madrid had lost four of their last five league games and the Barça threatened his leadership after winning the Coosur Betis. The whites needed to win and, above all, consolidate the improvement they showed in the Euroleague against Armani Milan. And they did both. They defeated San Pablo Burgos (70-85) with defensive intensity and offensive fluency (23 assists), recovering the success from the perimeter that seemed forgotten in the last month and a half, with special mention for Yabusele (20 points and 5/6 triples).


The whites seem to have rediscovered the lost confidence, they return to look at the hoop without fear and the open shots come in at last. at the coliseum they shot more 3-pointers (13/32) than they did 2-pointers (15/29). Like in the old days not really so old, just two months ago. San Pablo Burgos, orphaned by Benitez (0 points), was unable to stop the physical power of the leader -42 rebounds with 11 offense and 4 blocks- and when he wanted to push back he had already lost the game (33-53, min 25).

The Tavares wall, again cracked by the faults

From the initial jump, the locals ran into the immensity of Tavareswho left the court again in the second act with three personals. The giant must be controlled morealthough yesterday his team did not need him. Poirier fulfilled in his relief and Yabusele, with 3/4 triples in the first acttook all the pressure off his team (11-22, min 10). With Goss absent, the young Nunez he was a starter, but he was not lucid and soon relieved him Heurtel. It didn’t matter because Nothing was coming to Burgos (5/17 field goals).


Madrid did not suffer with the rotations either. Poirier ruled in the paint and the triples by Randolph, Abalde and Llull (2), allowed them to maintain a comfortable lead (28-41, min 20). gamblemore liberated without Tavares on court, Phillip, Nnoko and Diez they prevented Madrid from breaking up the match. But they were going to do it after the restart with a partial of 3-10 built by the triples of Deck and Heurtelwell supported by Abalde and Poirier (33-53, min 25).

Yabusele aborts the reaction with triples

It was then, already seeing the game lost, when Burgos pressed a little further back. The white attack jammed something and Gamble and Phillip led a 7-0 run That gave hope to his team. They didn’t last long because Hanga, Poirier and Yabuselewith his fourth triple, cut the local euphoria (45-63, min 30). Burgos tried again with a Eddie toned (50-63)but Yabuselewho else aborted that rally with his fifth triple and a definitive 2+1 (52-69, min 32).


‘La Tanqueta’ of Madrid covered the critics’ mouths that pointed out his lack of shooting when he signed for the whites, and the triples by Abalde and Randolph stopped short the final reaction of Burgos commanded by Marc Garcia and Renfroe. His team fell with honor, but if he had played the whole game like the last 15 minutesperhaps the leader would not have felt so comfortable.

Data sheet:

70- Inherits San Pablo Burgos (14+16+17+23): Benite (-), Phillip (10), Eddie (14), Díez (5), Gamble (12), -initial five- Nnoko (14), Renfroe (3), Marc García (5), Rabaseda (4), Salash (1), Kullamae (2).

85- Real Madrid (22+19+22+22): Nuñez (-), Abalde (13), Deck (7), Yabusele (20), Tavares (6), -starting five-, Heurtel (4), Poirier (12), Hanga (7), Randolph (10), Lull (6).

Referees: Antonio Conde, Sergio Manuel and Vicente Martinez. Technical foul on Rabaseda, being eliminated in the 38th minute.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the twenty-fourth day of the Endesa Basketball League played at the Burgos Coliseum in front of 8,829 spectators. Before the start of the meeting, a minute of silence was observed for the death of the young member of the Burgos team, Alejandra Alonso.