ANDl Valencia, in an irregular start to the season full of casualties, he signed an epic victory at the Palau, 79-87, against a Barça that he could not overcome the enormous defense that the taronja team raised. Valencia, which came with the rush of its triumph in Bologna, continued with that inertia to infringing on the Barça team their first defeat in the Endesa League, and the first at the Palau this season.

Two triples of Dubljevic (which finished with 15 points) with 6 minutes to go, they put Valencia with an 11-point advantage over the team of Peñarroya he knew how to drive to the end. The Montenegrin center, who had 0 points and a PIR at half time, resurfaced to lead his team in a memorable second half in which Valencia won 31-54.

Next to Dubljevic, they shone Jasiel rivero (18 points and 25 valuation), Lopez-Aróstegui (17 points) and Prepelic (11), very good minutes as a base in the final section of the Slovenian.

But above all was Joan Peñarroya. He has always been a brave coach, but at the Palau he took another step forward. He arrived in Barcelona with five fundamental casualties, some were already known as Tobey, Claver or Dimitrijevicbut they fell Labeyrie and Hermannsson at the last minute, to put more clubs on the wheels of Valencia.

Peñarroya filled the call of young blood and not only to fill, but to star in an extraordinary game of chess. The technician knew how to move his pieces with enormous skill. He raised a complicated defense to Barça to which Jasikevicius could not respond. And he asked for intensity all the time. His players gave it to him. Guillem Ferrando, Gonzalo Bressan and Millán Jiménez they enjoyed minutes in the rotation. AND Pradilla and PuertoAlmost already veterans alongside those three, they also had very prominent roles in the Valencia manhood at the Palau.

While Valencia, in reserve, held out until the end, Barça ran out of ideas as the game approached the end. The Catalans, with a huge Mirotic (22 points), threatened a couple of times in the first half to break the game, but only came three ahead at halftime, 38-35. Later, Valencia blew up the Barça defensive device and the taronja ecstasy arrived that brings them closer to the Cup and what Peñarroya wants.

Data sheet

79. Barça (21 + 17 + 25 + 16): Calathes (12), Laprovittola (10), Hayes-Davis (-), Mirotic (22), Sanli (5) -starting team-, Davies (12), Martínez (-), Smits (-), Kuric (11) , Jokubaitis (3) and Oriola (4).

87. Valencia Basket (19 + 16 + 28 + 24): Van Rossom (6), Puerto (10), López-Arostegui (17), Pradilla (7), Dubljevic (15) -starting team-, Prepelic (11), Ferrando (-), Rivero (18), Bressan (3 ), Jiménez (-) and Vila (-).