“Wouldn’t it be spectacular to gather all the derbies on the same day?” José Ajero’s proposal from Movistar + clicked. The ACB got down to work and its competition department designed something unprecedented in our sport: a full day of regional derbies; nine games full of morbidity, of proximity, which will be held next weekend.

Only the San Pablo Burgos-Casademont Zaragoza (separated by 245 km, the longest distance a team will travel) breaks the standards of rivalry that, somehow, rescues the genesis of confrontations in sports, the neighborhood, the American playground.

This day only one team will take a plane, the one that connects the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria to play the exciting Canarian derby on Saturday. The others, by bus or train, and some could even arrive by subway. Barça would only need a transfer to visit Joventut Badalona on Sunday in one of the most historic derbies in Spanish sport.

There will be nine passionate matches, with many historical rivalries and others in full construction and at a time of the season that is beginning to be decisive for the fight for the Playoff or to avoid the drama of relegation that lurks in more than one track. And with good news: for a few days, all the pavilions are back to 100% and there will be no lack of passion, color or a great atmosphere in the stands.

A day of derbies that has come to stay and create a trend on how to create something so ours.


The story goes… They have only been seen three times in the Endesa League, with all local triumphs so far

On the way… Clear victory for Monbus Obradoiro (100-83), with 26 points and a PIR of 37 for Birutis.

The data… Three of the four players who play the most minutes in the competition will join: Musa (1st, with 32), Bell-Haynes (2nd, with 31) and Kassius Robertson (4th, with 30).

An unforgettable moment…Only three precedents in the elite and there are already moments to remember, like the one on March 2, 2019, with a winning basket by the Obradoirista Obst with 8″ to go that Cvetkovic could not answer at the buzzer.

Distance (actual, not by road): 81.7 km.

Inherits San Pablo Burgos-Casademont Zaragoza

The story goes… The last 5 meetings between the two teams had a visiting flavour, with Zaragoza visiting 3 wins in a row against a Hereda San Pablo Burgos who rule the overall balance (5-4).

On the way… The team from Burgos won the match in the first round by a clear 54-75, with 18 points from Benite.

The morbid… Deon Thompson, Radoncic and Omar Cook, face to face against their past.

An unforgettable moment… In 2021, in a crazy match, a Brussino triple at 2 sec. for the end he gave victory to the people of Zaragoza.

Distance: 245 km.

BAXI Manresa-MoraBanc Andorra

The story goes… MoraBanc Andorra won in 7 of their 10 visits to Manresa, dominating the precedents by a clear 14-6.

On the way… BAXI Manresa overcame a 16-point deficit to win the match 79-82, with 27 points from Sylvain Francisco.

The duel...Chima Moneke vs. Cory Miller-McIntyre. Two of the most spectacular, complete and versatile players in the entire Endesa League will face each other.

An unforgettable moment… Since the first ACB clash in 1992, there has never been an end like this season, with a monumental and decisive stopper from Moneke to Olumuyiwa that gave BAXI the victory.

Distance: 90km

Gran Canaria-Lenovo Tenerife

The story goes… Lenovo Tenerife has signed up for the last 4 Canarian derbies and takes advantage of the previous ones 13-9.

On the way… Vidorreta’s men took the victory (98-89) in a duel even until the end, with a Shermadini touched by the gods: 25 points, 10 rebounds and a PIR of 41.

The morbid….Nico Brussino knows what it’s like to play the derby with both shirts.

An unforgettable moment...In 1989-90, the first year of the Canarian derby in the elite, a final triple by Méndez gave Granca the victory.

Distance: 111.87 km.

Real Madrid-Urbas Fuenlabrada

The story goes… Real Madrid has beaten Urbas Fuenla the last 11 times the two have met, with a 44-7 aggregate balance.

On the way… A final triple by Heurtel gave Real Madrid the victory over the buzzer in Fuenlabrada (85-88), with 27 points from Emegano on the local side.

The duel...Alexander (1.9) vs. Tavares (1.6). Face to face, the two best blockers in the competition.

An unforgettable moment...On May 11, 2016, Real Madrid achieved the best score in the last 29 years in the Endesa League to win the derby 129-81, with 19 assists for the history of Sergio Rodríguez and 179 PIR credits, a mark not yet overcome.

Distance: 22.7 km.

UCAM Murcia-Valencia Basket

The story goes… Despite the inequality in the precedents (30-11 for Valencia Basket). in the last decade up to 8 games between the two have been resolved by 4 or less points. Synonym of emotion.

On the way… UCAM Murcia won 86-91 at La Fonteta after coming back 17 points, despite Claver’s great match (26).

The duel...Radovic vs. Dubljevic. Friends, colleagues in Montenegro and rivals for 40 minutes.

An unforgettable moment..In January 2013, UCAM Murcia won in Valencia in an unlikely way. With 7 tenths to play, Berni Rodríguez took the throw-in and Tillie tapped, touching the ball enough to convert a basket and unleash madness in Murcia (94-96).

Distance: 176.88km

Unicaja-Coosur Betis

The story goes… Unicaja rules in history (39-21) and accumulated 7 consecutive derbies won at home until the spectacular 111-114 with which Coosur Betis won on their last visit.

On the way… Unicaja won in Seville 73-79, with 20 points from Norris Cole and a decisive third quarter.

The morbid...Luis Casimiro, Pepe Pozas and Pablo Almazán, against his former team.

An unforgettable moment…On February 20, 2011 Cajasol signed its most impossible comeback. From 66-73 to 82-77 (16-4 partial)… in 54 seconds to win!

Distance: 157.33 km.

Surne Bilbao Basket-Bitci Baskonia

The story goes… Bitci Baskonia has won 9 of the last 10 derbies, including the last 4, with a historical balance of 8-29.

On the way… 26 points from Baldwin and 19 from Fontecchio paved the way for the Baskonia victory in the first round: 101-86.

The morbid…Rafa Luz played in 2016-17 defending the Vitorian jersey and today he is one of Bilbao’s mainstays.

An unforgettable moment...May 20, 2012 was the last time the two met in the Playoff. That day, after two free throws missed by Banic, Prigioni forced extra time with a layup, where he would end up sentencing (88-90) the pass to the semifinals.

Distance: 49.4 km.


The story goes… The most watched derby of all GameDay Movistar: 180 games (70-110 for Barça), including 13 Playoff qualifiers, with a 70-110 balance for Barça. They have been fighting for 65 years.

On the way… Barça won by a clear 99-84, with 15 triples scored and Nico Laprovittola unleashed against his ex (21 points).

The morbid… In addition to the Barcelona player Laprovittola, the black-and-white Ante Tomic and Pau Ribas are also measuring up to their past.

An unforgettable moment...On May 19, 1991, Joventut won its first league championship in the ACB era, beating its neighbor Barcelona (their other 3 titles were against Real Madrid). 23 points from Villacampa and a final steal from Tomàs Jofresa, keys.

Distance: 9.1km

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