ANDUnicaja is going through one of the worst moments in its history. The classification of the Endesa League says so and the numbers of Los Guindos as a whole say so. The dynamic has not changed with the arrival on the bench of Ibon Navarro, who now has four defeats in the six games he has coached. The people of Malaga are one defeat away from the places that punish them with relegation to the LEB Oro, an unthinkable matter since the merger of Caja Ronda and Mayoral Maristas at the beginning of the 90s.

After losing in Las Palmas, the Malacitanos have eight wins and 14 losses, a background that was not so negative since the 1991-92 campaign (7-15), when that newly formed Unicaja had the goal of permanence and not higher levels. They are 30 years of history that are now threatened in what at this point can be considered the worst course in the history of the Carpena team.

The dynamic is very worrying. The whole of the Costa del Sol has been lowering benefits with each course that has been going on. In 2015 he was the leader at this point, since then the descent has been steep. In 2019 there were 14 wins, in 2020 there were 11, in 2021 there were 10 and now the picture is bleak. The typesetter is beginning to look with fear at the relegation places despite the fact that they have several teams below in the classification, which lately has been tightening down due to the push of those fleeing from the well.

Movistar Estudiantes is a clear example of a great come to less and in Malaga there are already many voices that compare the trajectories of the schoolboys and the green and purple team. Unicaja hopes to reverse the situation so as not to follow the bad example of the college team, which is now fighting in the LEB Oro to be able to return to the Endesa League.

The course has all possible negative ingredients. A dismissed coach, injuries, games that are lost because of a basket even when the team plays well and a double effort in a second competition, the BCL, which is giving Carpena fans more trouble than joy.

Ibon Navarro has already thrown in the towel to look higher: “It would be fooling ourselves to be aware of how many victories we are from the playoffs. We have to go game by game, add victories and nothing more. We cannot consider ourselves candidates for anything”. Some realistic statements for the fifth budget of the ACB. A team plagued by internationals who cannot find an explanation for what is happening. This Saturday’s clash on the Monbus Obradoiro track will be crucial for permanence. Although it was difficult to imagine at the start of the season, the people of Malaga face a direct rival in the fight for permanence.