Victoria with shock and joy in the Carpena for a Unicaja who was reunited with the victory but not with the tranquility. Brizuela once again commanded the best version of the Malaga team thanks to his 30 points. Those of Katsikaris grew to win one of their black beasts in this course after a last quarter in which they threw all the work of the match to the ground. Dimitrijevic, who left injured, was about to certify a very painful comeback at Carpena. Joventut squanders a golden opportunity to drive away their pursuers for the title playoffs.

Unicaja and Joventut started the match with scoring joy at Carpena. One more afternoon, Brizuela was the one who started pulling the Katsikaris team cart. The stiletto in attack scored a triple and a two plus one that served to less notice the bad interior game of the typesetters. That is where Carles Durán’s men did damage with a Tomic that was already beginning to warn with his rebounds in attack and defense. Thompson and Guerrero stepped up to give Unicaja a small five-point, which was again propped up by Brizuela. Malaga’s breakaway forced a visiting team to stop the game that conceded a 9-2 run. Two free throws by Dawson left the mail at 23-18 at the end of the first ten minutes.

The outside play typewriter continued to function into the beginning of the second quarter. Unicaja moved the ball well, generating good shots for Axel Bouteille and Francis Alonso and taking the income from Malaga to nine points. The crash entered a phase in which the defenses became great. The malagueños continued to grow from behind and taking the advantage up to thirteen points of difference thanks to the baskets of Malcoml Thomas and Bouteille. The meeting picked up some rhythm again just in the final minutes of the second act. Joventut only scored from the free throw line thanks to Tomic’s good success and that kept Carles Durán’s men on their feet at half-time (44-38).

Jaime Fernández and Brizuela started the third quarter with a hot wrist to prolong the good moment of Katsikaris’ men. Joventut based his entire game on a well-dried Tomic for the defense of the Los Guindos team. Those from Badalona were very cold and Unicaja took the opportunity to steal and go on the counterattack very easily. The maximum advantage of the match came right in the middle of the third act with the 14 advantage for the locals (59-45). Unicaja suffered a small short-circuit that allowed Joventut to cut distances with two triples from Morgan and Bassas for a 0-8 run. As always when Unicaja got into trouble, the figure of Brizuela appeared. A triple with additional dessert from Deon Thompson put the icing on the cake to a new 10-0 run from Malaga that put Unicaja 69-53 up.

Those of Katisikaris played everything to a good defense in the last quarter. A formula that had worked throughout the match and that allowed a few drops to get closer to a Joventut that without much success was closing the gap with Dimitrijevic’s baskets. The racana bet was punished. Bassas and Ventura first and two consecutive triples by Morgan and Dimitrijevic tied the game with a minute and a half from the end. Unicaja panicked and Dimitrijevic, with 17 points in the fourth quarter, was enough to force an extension that nobody expected at the beginning of the last act.

The extension had a first and last name. Darío Brizuela threw the team on his back to knock down Joventut’s comeback with two triples. Dimitrijevic’s injury greatly diminished those of Carles Durán whose reaction capacity was annihilated by the ‘mamba’. At the end of the 102-93 clash in a match where Unicaja was scared and then happy.

Data sheet

102 – Unicaja (23 + 21 + 25 + 15 + 18): Thompson (12), Fernández (15), Brizuela (30), Waczynski (8) and Guerrero (4) – starting five- Díaz (2), Alonso (2), Thomas (6), Abromaitis (9), Tamba ( 0) and Bouteille (14).

93 – Joventut Badalona (18 + 20 + 15 + 31 + 9): Ribas (10), Morgan (12), Ventura (5), Bassas (10) and Tomic (23) – starting five – Dimitrijevic (27), Dawson (2), Brodziansky (22), Birgande (2) and Parra ( 0).

Referees: Emilio Pérez, Martín Caballero and Vicente Martínez. They eliminated Díaz and Birgander for fouls

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 35 played behind closed doors at the José María Martín Carpena Sports Palace in Malaga.

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