ANDl Inherit San Pablo Burgos could not continue with its good run of results against Casademont Zaragoza (95-98), which took a victory in the final moments thanks to a triple by Brussino.

Thad McFadden had the ball to force extra time, but the pass was not good and he could not sentence the comeback in a game in which he was the most outstanding player with 27 points.

Casademont, who made his debut with Luis Casimiro on the bench, came out much more energetic at the start of the game dominating in the face of doubts in defense of Hereda San Pablo Burgos, who came to equalize the match near the end thanks to three triples in a row from Vitor Benite (22-24).

Between Harris and Dylan Ennis they reduced the options of San Pablo in just five minutes, they managed to manage a 19-point lead (35-54) and the lack of defense of the Burgos led them to rest with 60 points.

He changed the script in the local team, working much more and better in defense and with success in the shot they came to reduce distances little by little to go ahead on the scoreboard thanks to a triple from nine meters by Thad McFadden (73-71) .

The Georgian put the game on his back and from the triple he continued to keep his team in the game, but in a mistake, Casimiro’s men were 5 points on the scoreboard and San Pablo had to shoot the triple to tie and play the Final minutes with a head, but a triple by Brussino with two seconds on the scoreboard gave the team victory.

–Data sheet:

95-Inherit San Pablo Burgos (22 + 21 + 26 + 26): Kravic (15), McFadden (27), Rivero (2), Rabaseda (2), Renfroe (13) – starting five – Salash (0), Benite (16), Barrera (-), Salvo (5), Sahko ( 2), Cook (0) and Horton (13).

98-Casademont Zaragoza (24 + 36 + 8 + 30): Harris (22), Brussino (16), San Miguel (0), Ennis (15) Hlinason (4) – starting five – Sulaimon (5), Barreiro (17), Fernández (-), Font (-), Benzing ( 13), Wiley (2) and Justiz (4).

Referees: Pérez Pizarro, Sánchez Moheda and Mendoza.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 36 of the Endesa League played at the Coliseum behind closed doors.

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