ANDhe UCAM Murcia took it in extra time, thanks to a triple scored in the absence of a second by Conner Frankamp, ??the last home game for Monbus Obradoiro in a Multipurpose Fontes do Sar that received public for the first and only time this season. The Murcian team won 80-83 in what could have been the last meeting of Moncho Fernández at the helm of the Work at home, since there is no renewal announced and that the contract ends.

The first advantages came from the Santiago team, who noticed the support of their fans and led them, not only to hit their attacks, but to close in defense. Until Conner Frankamp appeared, who, with two triples in a row, reduced the distance from 8-2 to 10-8. However, the host team responded again with baskets from their inside game. Steven Enoch scored nine of the 22 points for the Monbus in the first quarter and became the piece from which each of the dangerous actions that the Monbus Obradoiro created originated.

Both contenders came out more gripped at the start of the second period. The second units required a longer coupling time. At the moment in which he managed to get loose, Robertson opened the gap to ten points for the Compostela team, which his rival knew how to cut from the hand of former worker Kostas Vasileiadis, dangerous on the perimeter against a team in which he played in three different stages.

The third quarter changed the encounter. UCAM Murcia knew how to put pressure on the local bases, the circulation of the ball was less fluid and with a more physical basketball, it not only managed to cut distances: it took the lead. But the Monbus Obradoiro was rebuilt. After lifting a 61-67 he missed, at the hands of Kassius Robertson, a free kick that could put him ahead (74-74). The lack of success sent the game into extra time, in which the team prepared by Sito Alonso knew how to accommodate the absences of Cate, Webb and Radovic, eliminated by personal fouls in the decisive stretch of the duel. With the match even, he played a triple from Frankamp. The North American point guard scored a second from the end. Robertson’s launch, in response to the action designed in the time-out by Moncho Fernández, found no rim and allowed UCAM to seal the victory.


Monbus Obradoiro (22 + 19 + 17 + 14 + 8): Ozmizrak (8), Robertson (15), Czerapowicz (10), Daum (7) and Enoch (19) -the starting quintet-; Birutis (16), Cohen (2), Muñoz, Oliver (3) and Beliauskas.

UCAM Murcia (16 + 18 + 26 + 12 + 11): Frankamp (17), Davis (8), Rojas (2), Webb (9) and Cate (5) -initial quintet-; Bellas (8), Malmanis (4), Vasileiadis (11), Radovic (19), DJ Strawberry and DiLeo.

Referees: Pérez Pizarro, Bultó and Lucas. Visiting players Cate (min. 27), Webb (min. 43) and Radovic (min. 45) were eliminated for personal fouls.

Multipurpose Fontes do Sar. 1,400 spectators.

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