In a very short time we will say goodbye to 2021 to welcome 2022, but first, the president of the CDB Clarinos, Claudio García, takes stock and reveals what his wishes and the entity’s objectives are for next year.

Taking into account the first six months of 2021, “we had a very important development of the club for its present and future,” says Claudio García. “It was the second year that we competed at the national level in the Endesa Women’s League, we qualified and played the Queen’s Cup in its 20/21 edition, and we qualified to continue playing Europe, therefore, in this first part of the year the balance is quite positive ”. As for the second half, “things have not gone exactly the same in the sports field, although economically speaking we have a little more stability compared to the previous period”.

With one game to go to conclude the first round in the domestic competition, “we have not had much luck this season. The signings have not gone well for us, there are four players who for one reason or another are no longer at the club in a period of almost three months and that has greatly unbalanced the sports area. There is a bit of concern when the results are not positive, but I am sure that we can turn it around at the beginning of 2022, achieve the sports stability we want, win the games we need to have a League final with some peace of mind and achieve permanence. , because it is the priority for us ”, he assures.

In this sense, there were more circumstances that affected the first team, the departure of Claudio García from the purple bench. However, “he is a coach who in five or six years gave the club some successes that no one can dispute, but he saw that the results were not being achieved, that he was being destabilized by some influences outside the sports world and the club, and decided take a step to the side. Now Foncho Afonso is in the first team to face the second part of the season and victories will surely come to continue in the Endesa Women’s League ”.

However, the results achieved in the continental competition were more than positive, since for the first time in their history they managed to pass the group stage. “Despite the bad results we are having in the regular league, and that we also had in the EuroCup, we managed to overcome one of its links and go to the next round, although we have already been eliminated, the important thing is that it has been shown that It is consolidating itself as one of the important teams of the Endesa Women’s League and of Spanish and Canarian basketball. It has been an important step and we are sure to continue taking small steps ”

The quarry is another of the pillars on which the purple entity stands. The main project of the club “is to continue expanding the quarry as much as possible, but with a very clear basic philosophy. We have ties with the schools and with the grassroots teams, we are not going to compete with them because we understand that it is not good for basketball ”. In addition, “we also have a junior team and another in the Autonomous Region which is a little more geared towards the first team. In fact, we have seen how in the last games players have come out of the quarry, who are playing continuously in the first team and who are doing their functions, having their minutes. This translates into illusion for the base players because they see that reaching the top can be a reality, but you have to work with tenacity ”.

Along these lines, Claudio García considers that “women’s basketball is booming. There is no longer any club that we can say that you can win yes or yes. The Endesa Women’s League has taken a flight that many were not expecting, it has become a strong and important league that has matched a lot, although we still have to get much more support ”, he asserts.

To conclude, the president of the lagoon entity wishes by 2022 “to maintain the category, continue fighting in the Endesa Women’s League, continue expanding the collaborations to promote the quarry and that the basketball fans go to see the women’s teams. It is very much enjoyed in the stands, quality basketball is seen, elite competitive and fun. There are many teams from different categories that are working very hard, with great seriousness, rigor and enthusiasm, and I think they deserve to get ahead and have everyone’s support ”. Likewise, he wishes that “the COVID-19 pandemic ends, that the health situation improves and, above all, we ask for a rapid recovery of La Palma after suffering the volcano eruption”.