PAblo Laso, Real Madrid coach, appeared this Friday at a press conference where he assured that the white club is “doing things well”, after the agonizing victory against Maccabi Tel Aviv last Thursday in the Euroleague.

After another new European victory and without much rest time, Pablo Laso’s men will meet this weekend against Casademont Zaragoza. “We have a very demanding schedule. In less than 48 hours we are going to play again and we do it in Zaragoza . A difficult game. We are a bit obliged to do that. It doesn’t cost me much but we accept this calendar, “he said.

In addition, Laso valued the state of the squad where there are several players with physical problems: “Let’s see a bit. Thompkins is difficult for him to enter because he has not been training for a long time and we are still a little aware of the evolution of his knee. Abalde is injured And Alocen, unfortunately after recovering on his back, something has come out of his foot, which I hope will not be many days. “

“In defense is where the most solid team is. We still have growth left and with good results we work better,” concluded Laso, referring to the level of play offered so far by Real Madrid.