Si Valencia plays in Europe as in the Endesa League, it will be impossible to qualify among the eight best teams that compete in the Euroleague playoffs. It is difficult for Jaume Ponsarnau’s team to attack and defend.

The almighty Barcelona, ??which has 13 consecutive victories in the domestic competition since losing last December 1 with the taronja, arrived at the appointment with Higgins’ last-minute withdrawal with discomfort in his left foot.

The Barcelona arsenal is unlimited and that is why they allowed themselves the luxury of not scoring in the first three minutes of the first two quarters. The Valencians did not take advantage of that concession and were only ahead on the scoreboard with 2-0 and 4-2.

The injured Van Rossom and Dubljevic were joined by Hermannsson and Tobey during the match. No word from Williams, who does almost everything wrong until failing under the rim. All local systems ended up with a desperate triple.

Barça took advantage of the facilities to go to rest with a 29-41. Abrines had taken over in attack from the absent Higgins. The rest were the usual ones. Mirotic and Oriola also won the fight for the rebound.

Jasikevicius’s team is particularly good at Valencia Basket. Of the four games played this season, they have chosen three in their favor. They outperform them in everything, including bench rotation.

Mirotic did not tire of giving a kind of feint to the opposing centers. Tobey made the points that Williams did not score, but was injured early in the third quarter. Prepelic, very flawed, pushed the result to 43-45.

Sastre had to act as a substitute base for Vives. Two consecutive triples by Claver and Abrines, and a basket by Smits, blocked the local reaction and returned to a comfortable 43-53.

The last quarter began with a comfortable Barça income: 50-64. And he was not older because Hanga missed both free throws after an unsportsmanlike attack by Pradilla. The referees signaled a subsequent technique to Ponsarnau for protesting. Nine points in a row from Marinkovic kept his own with minimal options.

An inspired Abrines (23 points and seven triples) sentenced the game with four minutes to go: 58-75. Pradilla was the most motivated to fight to the end. Very little to face the best team in Europe by game, sensations and results.

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