Lhe problems in attack of a team like the Barca, packed with so much offensive talent, are beginning to be worthy of being studied by experts in the paranormal. Before him Burgos They chained their second consecutive game without being able to reach 30 points at the break. With a very different second half, especially the third quarter, they managed to resolve the match against Burgos, 84-69, but the sensations were not the best to face the decisive match against Bayern this Tuesday, a complete final in which the season is played, until it appeared Alex Abrines.

Without mirotic in rotation, by rest, Abrines made the Hispanic Montenegrin to shoot the Barca when the traffic jam was monumental. Before the break, Barça was the one in the fourth game against bayern: Too many losses, horrible attack, bad shots (2 of 7 in triples) and even missed free throws (he got to have a 0 of 3), little defense and a lot of worry.

But after the break, after the celebration for the 50th anniversary of the Palau, after seeing so many legends on the track (Navarro, Epi, Jiménez, Pesic, Solozábal, Creus, Santillana, Norris…), everything changed. Above all because Abrines began to pull the bandwagon, first with five consecutive points when the score was 35-34 and the ghosts of the fourth against Bayern were flying over the Palau. And above all with 12 of his 15 points in an exquisite third quarter to start Barça’s takeoff. In the wake of the Majorcan player, players like Laprovittola, Sanli, Kuric or Smits and help the Catalans take off with a 12-0 run to face the last quarter with a valuable lead, 59-45.

In the blink of an eye Barça, Abrines, had broken the party. The 30-15 in the third quarter was lapidary for a Burgos that also carries the anguish of being in the relegation places and that took, as good news in the Palau, the good minutes of Cady Lalanne with just a couple of workouts. The Haitian went up to 8 points and 9 rebounds and could be important for San Pablo in the final stretch.

In the fourth period, Barça found themselves in a much more comfortable game than expected with advantages of around 20 points. The second half, almost soothing for the azulgranas led by an immense Abrines, completely changed the feelings with which the team now has to face the ‘final’ against Bayern. From suffering, it almost became a party that fills the morale tank of the players of Jasikevicius.

Data sheet:

84- Barca (15+14+30+25): Jokubaitis (10), Kuric (6), Abrines (15), Hayes-Davis (4), Sanli (8) -initial team-, Davies (10), Sergi Martínez (5), Smits (5), Oriola (2 ), Laprovittola (9), Caicedo (3) and Calathes (7).

69- Inherits San Pablo Burgos (13+17+15+24): Eddie (6), Clemmons(4), Rabaseda (8), Benite (-), Nnoko (4) -initial team-, Salash (8), Phillip (7), Lalanne (8), Marc Garcia (18) and Renfroe (6).

Via Marca.com